There are three All India Services

Note specifically:- The Indian Forest Service is not an All India Services but a central service.


The recruitment to these Services is made through the Union Public Service Commission on the basis of annual Competitive Examination of a very high standard. The members of these Services are supposed to be free from political control contented and have a sense of security.


The officers of the All India Services are recruited by the Centre but their services are put under the various State cadres, with the privilege of serving both under the State and under the Centre.

Joint cadre states

The joint cadre states are Assam Meghalaya, Manipur Tripura, Union Territory cadre comprising Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Delhi, Arunachal Pradesh & Goa.

Powers of Government of India

The All India Services Act, 1951 empowers the Government of India to make, after consultation with the State Governments, rules for the regulation of recruitment and conditions of service of the persons appointed to an All India Service.

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