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Bangalore University is one of the universities of India.


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Bangalore University


Students in 1945 with Professor Mr.Patanker and physical instructor

Bangalore University comprised of only one Engineering college at Bangalore up to about 1945, known as Bangalore Engineering College. At that time Bangalore was a city in Mysore State, a princely state, headed by a Maharaja, capital being Mysore city.

Other colleges

There used to be other colleges in Bangalore and Mysore, before 1945 as under.

At Bangalore city,
Engineering college-Used to cater for Intermediate students offering BE graduation, in Civil,Mechanical or Electrical graduation (ONLY IN THREE BRANCHES).
Central College-Used to cater for BSc and MSc students.
Inter Science College-(admission after SSLC from high school) for entry of :students to Engineering college,Medical college or for entry into central college.
Maharani's College-Used to cater only ladies for their BSc graduation.
Medical school- used to cater for students for Medical profession giving a Diploma in Medicine. This was established in 1917 as the Mysore Medical School at Bangalore, and it was upgraded to a college in 1924, and re-located to Mysore in 1930.
At Mysore city,
Maharani's college-Used to cater only ladies for their BSc graduation.
Medical college-used to cater for students for Medical profession giving a Degree in Medicine, MBBS.

The Campus

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The Colleges

Bangalore University/Colleges

Notable People

Notable People who made name outside Mysore State are,
Mr.S N Srikantiah,(Civil), at Bombay Presidency.
Mr.P S Chari, (Civil), architect Bombay Presidency.
Mr.M S Chakravarty,(Civil), Retired as Deputy Secretary, PWD, in Bombay Presidency.
Mr.K S Chakravarty,(Civil), Retired Engineer from Tata Electic Cos.
Mr.B L Sunderraj, Retd. Tech.Member, Gujarat Electricity Board,Baroda.
Mr.A V Bheema Rao, Retd. CE (P&P),Gujarat Electricity Board,Baroda.
Mr M C Doreswamy, (Elect),[[1]] Retired as Chief Engineer, Gujarat Electricity Board,Baroda.
Was Captain for Volley ball team for Bangalore colleges and for Mysore State.


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