Bannerghatta National Park is about 22 km from Bangalore in Karnataka. It is a home to many endangered animal species. It is a natural forest and has one of the largest collections of carnivores in any bio-park in the state. This zoological garden is spread over area of about 25000 acres. It consists of dense forest and scrub land becoming home for wild animals like bison, leopard, wild boar as well as being an important corridor for elephants migrating between the eastern and western ghats.

One of the main attractions here are the lion and tiger safari. Other attractions here are a butterfly park, crocodile farm, serpentarium. In addition, a portion of the park is used as a sanctuary for wild rescued animals from circuses.

An elephant ride in the herbivore safari facilitates viewing of these animals in the natural habitat including the bison, spotted deer, black buck, barking deer etc.

The park is open for visitors between 9 AM to 5 PM . The park is closed on Tuesdays.

Safari : The famous Safari has Carnivore Section and Herbivore section. In the Safari rides, visitors are taken around a mini bus through the enclosed and protected area of the aninmals to roam around freely. The Herbivores section comprises few animals like deers, bears and a few monkeys etc.

White Tigers, Bengal Tigers make up for the Tiger Safari, Lions Safari and Bear Safari in the carnivores' section. Though the entire national park stretches across 104.27 km2, only a small portion in the north has been carved out for tourism.

Zoological garden and Trekking : You can find everything from avifauna to hyenas, panthers, neel gay, etc. in the Bannerghatta National Park. The 25,000 acre park is home to panthers, lions, tigers and a large variety of birds. Wander through the Zoological Garden, with its canopy of shady and sturdy trees, find a quiet resting spot beside a pond and watch waterfowl frolic, also facilities to rest, pinic are also available in the park premises.

The zoo boasts an amazing reptile collection, an encounter with the scaly, slithery creatures at the snake park. Uddigebande (3.5 km) a natural rock formation called Hajjamana Kallu (3 km) and Mirza Hill (1.5 km) are for the Trekking enthusiasts.

There is also Jumbo ride for the visitors beyond the parking slots organized by the Forest Department. One has to buy a ticket for this ride. The area spread of Dry deciduous forests and thorny scrub, with patches of moist deciduous forests along the streams.

by santhosh of std tenth, mount senoria school

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