Basavanagudi is a residential and commercial locality in the Indian city of Bangalore.

Why the name

The name "Basavanagudi" refers to the Bull Temple that is located here. It is a monolith statue of the Nandi Bull. Basava in Kannada, the local language, means Bull and Gudi means temple. Hence, the name Basavanagudi.


One of the roads leading to the Bull temple is known as Bugle Rock Road. This road is prominent during Kallekai Perse, as this road used to carry maximum traffic during the season of Kallekai Perse. This in kannada language is Ground nut and perse is the market. Its root is in the market near Bull Temple.

Bangalore borders Jayanagar also.


Basavanagudi is one of the oldest areas in Bangalore. It is the replica of the Bangalore of yore, with wide tree lined avenues dotted with bungalows.

Tata Silk Farm

This is one of the oldest areas, around Basavanagudi. This name is still there because of Tatas. They wanted their name to be permanently there because of lending their land for Parachute manufacture during the last World war.

Unforunately, this area too has fallen under the commercialisation beast, with the trees being cut down for road widening and with high rise structures and apartments coming up.


The people are mostly orthodox and homely. The area has a predominant Kannada speaking population.

Important educational Institutions in and around Basavanagudi

Before 1940, in the princely State of Mysore, there were only few schools and Colleges.

The schools are:

  1. National High School
  2. Government High School
  3. Acharya Patashaala
  4. Tin school
  5. The Home School

Colleges are:

  1. Government Engineering College, Bangalore
  2. BMS College of Engineering

Prominent landmarks of Basavanagudi

  1. Bull Temple (Oldest Temple in the locality)
  2. Gandhi Bazaar (Major Shopping Area)
  3. Vidyarthi Bhavan (Famous for its masala dosas)
  4. D.V.G. Road (Shopping Area)
  5. Sir M.N. Krishna Rao Park (Heart of Basavanagudi)
  6. Ramakrishna Ashrama
  7. South End Circle
  8. Lalbagh (Famous Botanical Garden)
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