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In 1964, a colleague and I came to live in the city of Bihar Sharif (District Nalanda) Bihar, India. We worked with the American Peace Corps as advisors to local residents who engaged in the production of poultry. We were put up in the servants' quarters of the Victoria Memorial Hall and were secunded to the government poultry farm manager, Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan, and Dr. Sinha who was the subdivisional veterinarian. During the ensuing two years, we became friends with a great many people and came to have great affection for the people and the town.

We were especially close to two families, Kanhai Shaha and Bholanath Jamuar, both lawyers and both residents of Ambaer Mohalla. These men and their families were particularly kind and generous toward us, particularly when we were having difficulty with our work, our health or our happiness. I learned that Bholanath passed away some years back, and I have lost contact with their families. Shahaji's oldest son was Rakesh Shaha. Bholanath's sons were Uday, Omji and Dubloo. His daughter was Ramu.

I would appreciate whatever help I can find in locating any of these people for the purpose of renewing our friendship. I have a tentative plan to visit India sometime in the next two years at which time I would plan a short visit to Bihar Sharif. I would welcome contact with any person who might be able to help with my search.

William J Graham 14149 Plymouth Avenue Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337, U.S.A.




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