Dampa Tiger Reserve is one of the Wildlife sanctuaries of India.


It is located in the Indian state of Mizoram

Dampa Tiger Reserve, is the biggest Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram. It is situated in the western part of Mizoram state on the international border with Bangladesh about 127 km. from Aizawl. It covers an area of approximately 550 km². The tropical Forests of Dampa are home to rich Flora and Fauna...

This forest is interpolated with steep precipitous hills, deep valleys, jungle streams, ripping rivulets, natural salts licks, with an altitudinal zone of 200 - 800 mts.


It was notified in 1985 and declared a Tiger Reserve in 1944.

Flora and fauna

The major flora consist of a mixture of several species such as Dipterocarpus turbinatus, Dipterocarpus marcocarpus, etc. and different species of Bamboos Cane and Orchids. This reserve encompasses a variety of rare and endangered animals in abundance, the comprehensive list of fauna is also found in the Sanctuary.


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