The divisions of a district. Goa is a state divided into two districts. Each district is further divided into several talukas.

A district is an administrative division of an Indian state or territory. Districts are further subdivided, in some cases into Sub-Divisions, and otherwise directly into tehsils or talukas.

District officials include:

Each of these officials is aided by officers of the appropriate branches of state government.

Most districts have a distinct headquarters; Mumbai is an example of a city which, despite coming under a district, does not have a district headquarters, though it does have a Collector.


No. of districts in each state or UT
# State Dist. # State Dist.
1 Andhra Pradesh 23 15 Maharashtra 35
2 Arunachal Pradesh 15 16 Manipur   9
3 Assam 27 17 Meghalaya   7
4 Bihar 37 18 Mizoram   8
5 Chhattisgarh 16 19 Nagaland   8
6 Goa   2 20 Orissa 30
7 Gujarat 25 21 Punjab 20
8 Haryana 19 22 Rajasthan 32
9 Himachal Pradesh 12 23 Sikkim   4
10 Jammu and Kashmir 14 24 Tamil Nadu 30
11 Jharkhand 22 25Tripura   4
12 Karnataka 27 26Uttarakhand 13
13 Kerala 14 27Uttar Pradesh 70
14 Madhya Pradesh 48 28West Bengal 18
Union territories
# UT Dist. # UT Dist.
A Andaman and Nicobar Islands   2 ELakshadweep 01
B Chandigarh   1 FPondicherry   04
C Dadra and Nagar Haveli   1 GDelhi   09
D Daman and Diu   01      
Total:   602

States and territories of India, numbered as per the table


The majority of districts are named after their administrative center. Some are referred to by two names, a traditional one and one that uses the name of the town that is the headquarters. Since most of the districts are named after a town, the word "district" or "District" is appended to distinguish between the town and the district. Official websites very often use District with a capital D in this context.

City districts

Note, Chandigarh is the capital of two states and one Union territory.

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