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Education in India is topsy turvy. While at primary and secondary school level the standard of education in schools run by the Government leaves much to be desired, at Graduate level we have good colleges and universities. IITs and IIMs and a few Universities are world renown. There are more than 280 universities.


The above statements are made based on certain facts.


India is a vast country. After independence it was divided into different States based on local languages. Therefore, a single common language or a basic language with optional languages for all the States is difficult to be enforced by the Government at the center.

Added to this each State is governed by the elected members of the local public.

Governing people

These people in position tend to make their positions as a family legacy by listening to local people (who have elected them) who are mostly poverty ridden and less educated. The local people in turn would like to have their own language in all Government departments. They do not think of the whole world as of today and the developments in their own country.

Why the problem

This is but natural as they understand their own language better and do not have worldly contact because of restricted movements due to the circumstances round about them.

Mind of governing people

Therefore, the only way for the local government (run by elected people) to comply with the request of their voting public is to comply with their request which can easily be done initially or to start with. That is, in primary and middle schools run by government. Probably they know that this opinion of theirs cannot stand for long.

Thinking of local people

This narrow thinking of the local public is slowly vanishing because their children do crave for higher education seeing the world around them. Having seen this they are tempted to equip themselves for entry into higher institutions. Thus at the lower educations also they find that study of English language and other subjects is a must. This is because English is almost a language of the world, (may be in distorted forms). They also find that many text books and journals are available in English as well.

At higher education, the children having grown up with surrounding atmosphere of educated children find the necessity for better living conditions, and probably tempted to leave their rural areas. They therefore opt for better living and education facilities to work any where in the world.

The higher education facilities are found to be much better nowadays in almost all higher Institutions, not only in India but in other countries as well. They now understand the reason for some of their friends or relatives having gone abroad for studies or for employment in spite of the restricted financial conditions and other conditions round about.

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