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Relish Your Tea Delicacy

Tea … the name itself spells many feelings attached to this universal beverage. Be it the sheer unadulterated drinking pleasure or the unmatched health benefits provided by this magnificent produce of nature. Introducing Flavour Destination ---- an unique, state of the art Tea Boutique which is committed to serve you the best quality Tea. Our panel of tea testers backed by 17 rich years of experience have ensured that our products undergo the right fermentation process, appropriate tanning & additional care for each and every blend of tea.

So are you ready to welcome the fresh aroma of joy in your daily course ? You need not to walk many miles to possess this … just a phone call & you can taste the finest quality of tea sitting in the comfort of your home.

===True "teas" are made from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, which was first cultivated in China and found growing wild in India. Chinese monks and European traders introduced it to Japan, Sri Lanka and other countries. Today there are more than 3000 varieties of tea, each having its own distinct character and named for the district in which it is grown. === ===Now, in the 21st Century, tea is a universal beverage, with a presence in millions of people's daily lives - a staple diet in some countries, a ritual in others, equivalent of a handshake for some, a way of telling time in England, and by far, the most powerful and popular beverage in the world after water. ===

· Our experts’ recommendation--------

1. Royal Darjeeling -------- Rs. 1000/- per KG.

===(TGFOP) ===

2. Majestic Darjeeling --------- Rs. 800/- per KG.

===(TGFOP) ===

3. Darjeeling Delicacy ------ Rs. 800/- per KG.

===(TGBFOP) ===

4. Darjeeling Bliss ------ Rs. 600/- per KG.

===(TGBFOP) ===

5. Flavour Fusion I ---------Rs. 450/- Per KG

6. Flavour Fusion II ---------Rs. 350/- Per KG

7. Colours of Himalaya -------Rs. 220/- Per KG

===(CTC) ===

8. Flavour of health ---------Rs. 1200/- Per KG

===(Green Tea) ===


Flavour Destination

88, Jodhpur Garden,

Ground Floor,


Ph-033 44641144.

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