India's food culture dominates as a major topic of conversation throughout the whole population, from the poorest in the smallest of villages, to the middle classes and upper echelons of Bollywood society and indeed the ever-increasing overseas tourists who have an insatiable appetite for the vast array of cuisines that encompass the Indian continent.

The topic of food and the ever-present questions of 'what's that like', 'is it hot', 'does it taste nice', and purely from the point of view of a visitor to this land, a myriad of other gasps of delight amids't the gulps of cool drink to quell the ubiquitous heat of chilli in almost all the savoury delights surrounding one, is, quite frankly, mind blowing.

The conversation invariably turns to food and what to have for the meal in question. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Long discussions of what goes into the making of a common vadais for example, can take an entire morning, so the subject of the breakfast menu could in theory last till lunch time and then there's the lunch menu to consider. One could spend the entire holiday, if that's what you were on, on one subject, food.

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