Galathea National park is amazing place with the back ground lush green matching to the sun set in the evening

Deer is wonderful to watch the big leap jump run in the green wood obstracle of Big trees forcing deer with a flash of disappear & reappear to the naked eye.

Wild life is wonderful with the beast aside by small animals fighting for survival, danger may strike at any movement

Long neck giraffe go to top roof of the tree to have the leaves for food

Below ground you find tiny creature which pray on fallen leaves.

Wild buffalo were in group grazing the green grass with the black outfit of thick skin reflecting the bull nature

Dry leaves were covered on the ground as you focus more one could find the frog & even snakes swirling to the color of leaves one would frighten at first sight I had greater distance safe from snake.

One would frighten at first sight

Crocodile was frustrating to watch however I had to spit to gather the attention,

As crocodile was too young it came forward with the force of its two legs lifting its head up as I was protected by wall I was still looking at sudden flashy move all the sudden.

Birds were attractive with the color as well as sound they produced

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