Home Guards

Gujarat in particular had this distinction of having this Indian paramilitary force attached to Dhuvaran Power station near Baroda which is tasked as an auxiliary unit to the Indian Police force. One of the places where Home Guards were active is at this Power station under Gujarat Electricity Board, with Head Office at Baroda.

All over India about 410,000 serve in 25 states and the union territories. It doesn't exist in some states as its duties are performed by other organizations there.

The activities at this site consisted of training in use of arms and fire fighting in addition to protection of public property through the police force. It is meant to help the community in any kind of emergency—such as on Air-raid precautions or on any natural Calamity.

There used to be an armoury with prescribed protection and every Home Guard personnel is trained to use earlier weapons such as the .303 Lee Enfield SMLE rifle, Sten and Bren guns.

photo gallery

Some photos of their participation in Fire fighting demonstration, rescue work etc. of Gujarat Home Guards (of a Platoon unit under Kheda Dt.) in Gujarat Electricity Board, Power Generation plant at Dhuvaran is shown.

Other important photos are also exhibited.

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