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The public relations (PR) industry in India is a fast growing business. Corporates are increasingly opting for PR instead of advertising. Most use it as a sales support tool although there are big corporates that recognise the importance of PR in long-term brand building.

There are more than 100 PR agencies-big ones with 10-15 branches across India like Perfect Relations, Genesis PR, and Vaishnavi, medium size ones with 3-4 branches and smaller city specific PR agencies. Many of these are affiliated or are Indian subsidiaries of global PR companies. For instance, Weber Shandwick and O&M have their India offices. Likewise, Fleishman Hillard has affiliation with e,Lexicon.There are industry specific agencies like Text100 and 2020 for IT companies, Imprimis for health care companies, and Adfactors majorly to financial companies.

Outsourcing PR from India

MNCs looking for agencies in India can get an agency easily. but it is advised to consult someone locally and study the local market scenario beforehand otherwise you could find yourself paying 5000 USD for a project to one agency that you could have easily get done with 1000 USD. Similarly, be careful when you discuss the deliverables with the agencies. Understand the media thoroughly. You don't want your company write-ups on C-class publications but being presented to you as if it is a coverage in a la India's own Time magazine.

Having said all these, the industry is filling up with people who are professionals coming out of real PR schools. You can expect worldclass results from many agencies and many MNCs have returned satisfied.

PR in India in the eighties were more of buying a drink for journalists, which had the profession got a bad name. But the second generation of PR people is seemingly different. they believe in strategising, pitching with creative angles, and all the other tricks in the book. A redefinition of the profession is undergoing currently in the country.

Outsourcing potential is there plenty in research-primary, and secondary and writing.

PR News

There are not many media outlets that cover the PR industry in India. A few of them are Exchange4media and AgencyFAQs

However to get the real news from the industry professionals themselves, there are many blogs on the industry run by PR professionals that serve as a guide, resource, and as a platform for discussion. Some of them are Public Relations India|Open Source PR, Marketingslave and Public-relations-India

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