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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of the railways.


As per new Railway Catering Policy 2010(Introduced by Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee), catering services provided by IRCTC were handed over to INDIAN Railways. Now IRCTC is in charge of catering services on few trains such as All Duranto Exp, Frakkha Exp, Maitree Express( Train between INDIA and BANGLADESH),Kandhari Exp and some Rajdhani Exp rest all of train operated by Zonal Railways railway stations across India.IRCTC also started NRC project(NON RAILWAY CATERING) under which cafeteria were operated in many Indian Ministries and Institutes.

Online ticketing

IRCTC is better known for changing the face of railway ticketing in India. It pioneered Internet-based rail ticket booking through its website, as well as from the mobile phones via GPRS or SMS. Ticket cancellations or modifications can also be done online. In addition to E-tickets, IRCTC also offers I-tickets that are basically like regular tickets except that they are booked online and delivered by post. The Tickets PNR Status is also made available here recently.

Commuters on Mumbai's suburban railway can also book season tickets through the IRCTC website.

IRCTC has also recently launched a loyalty program called 'Shubh Yatra' for frequent travellers. Through this program, passengers can avail of discounts on all tickets booked round the year by paying an upfront annual fee.

IRCTC has also launched flights and hotels booking facilities which added to their line of online reservation services.

There have been numerous concerns about the booking of Tatkal tickets online, with the IRCTC website ( turning unresponsive daily at 08:00 hrs, for around 20 minutes., By this time most of the tickets are allegedly taken up by touts, leaving little for genuine passengers to book from. This causes a lot of hardship and frustration for travellers, who are trying to book a ticket for urgent travel. The situation has slightly improved over time, however the website has a lot of scope for improvement, in this regard.

You can find PNR status from: IRCTC PNR

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