The Lakshmikanthan murder case was a high-profile criminal trial which was conducted in the then Madras Presidency between November 1944 and April 1947.

The case

The cause of the trial was the murder of C. N. Lakshmikanthan, a Tamil film journalist with a hoary past.

How murdered

Lakshmikanthan was stabbed in Vepery, Madras on November 7, 1944 and he died the next morning in General Hospital, Madras.


Most important suspects were Tamil film actors M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar and N. S. Krishnan and director S. M. Sreeramulu Naidu.

The arrest completely broke Bhagavathar's morale. He lost all his money and died in the year 1959 in penury. Krishnan, however, did a few movies till his death and some of them were successful.


The feud between the accused and Lakshmikanthan

C. N. Lakshmikanthan was a famous film journalist of Madras Presidency whose forte was "yellow" journalism.

Lakshmikanthan's Background

Lakshmikanthan desired to become a lawyer but could not afford it as his family was not well-off. However, Lakshmikanthan, with his sufficient knowledge of law, managed to establish himself as a "tout".

The murder

As he was returning to his house at Purasawalkam in a cycle-rickshaw, Lakshmikanthan was attacked by a group of unknown assailants one of whom stabbed him with a knife.


Six suspects were arrested in the days following the murder. Among them were M.K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar, N. S. Krishnan and film producer and theatre owner Sreeramulu Naidu.

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