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The entire work of this article is based on "Census of India", conducted by "The Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India" under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.[1][2]

Every city in India with 100,000+ population, along with a few other centres


According to the data from the Census of 2011, cities and towns can be broadly classified as:[3]

  • Class I – Population greater than 100,000
  • Class II – Population between 50,000 – 99,999
  • Class III – Population between 20,000 – 49,999
  • Class IV - Polulation between 10,000 to 19,999
  • Class V - Population between 5,000 to 9,999
  • Class VI - Population less than 5,000

Population List

  • >5,000,000- Megacity
  • 1,000,000-4,999,999 - Metropolis
  • 500,000-999,999 - Sub-Metropolis

124154212 - Small Village

  • <4,999- Hamlet


Abbreviations used in this article are:

C.B - Cantonment Board/Cantonment

C.M.C – City Municipal Council

C.T – Census Town

E.O – Estate Office

G.P - Gram Panchayat

I.N.A – Industrial Notified Area

I.T.S - Industrial Township

M – Municipality

M.B – Municipal Board

M.C – Municipal Committee

M.Cl – Municipal Council

M.Corp. – Municipal Corporation /Corporation

N.A – Notified Area

N.A.C – Notified Area Committee/Notified Area Council

N.P – Nagar Panchayat

N.T – Notified Town

N.T.A – Notified Town Area

S.T.C - Small Town Committee

T.C – Town Committee/Town Area Committee

T.M.C – Town Municipal Council

T.P – Town Panchayat

T.S.- Township

U.A – Urban Agglomeration

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Ellora Caves, Aurangabad
File:Ghats at Pushkar lake, Rajasthan.jpg
Pushkar Lake, Ajmer
File:Golden Temple India.jpg
Golden Temple, Amritsar
File:Taj Mahal in March 2004.jpg
Taj Mahal, Agra
File:Amdavad Aerial.jpg
An aerial view of Ahmedabad
File:Allhabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.jpg
Allahabad, (Uttar Pradesh)
Aizwal, (Mizoram)
File:Agartala town Hall.JPG
Town Hall, Agartala
File:Almora Bazaar. c1860.jpg
Almora Bazaar during 1860, Almora
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001) Population (2011)
Abhayapuri Assam TC 14,673
Achabbal Jammu and Kashmir N.A.C 5,834
Achalpur Maharashtra M.Cl107,316
Achhnera Uttar Pradesh MB 20004
Adari Uttar Pradesh NP 11,977
Adalaj Gujrat CT 9,776
Adilabad Andhra Pradesh UA 129,403
Adityana Gujrat CT 17,238
pereyaapatna Karnataka CT 4,236
Adoni Andhra Pradesh UA 162,458
Adoor Kerala M 28,952
Adyar Karnataka CT 6,501
Adra West Bengal 22,030
Afzalpura Karnataka TP 19,335
Agartala Tripura M.Cl 189,998
Agra Uttar Pradesh UA 1,727,275
Ahiwara Chhattisgarh NP 18,719
Ahmedabad Gujarat UA 4,525,013
Ahmedgarh Punjab M.Cl 28,022
Ahmednagar Maharashtra UA 347,549
Ahmedpur Maharashtra M.Cl 35,805
Aizawl Mizoram N.T 228,280
Ajmer Rajasthan 485,197
Ajra Maharashtra CT 14,849
Akaltara Chhattisgarh N.P 20,367
Akathiyoor Kerala C.T 5,274
Akhnoor Jammu and Kashmir N.A.C 10,896
Akkalkot Maharashtra M.Cl 38,213
Akola Maharashtra M.Cl 400,520
Akot Maharashtra M.Cl80,726
Alandha Karnataka TMC 35,245
Alandi Maharashtra M.Cl 17,565
Alang Gujrat CT 18,475
Alappuzha Kerala UA 282,675
Aldona Goa CT 6,588
Alibag Maharashtra M.Cl 19,496
Aligarh Uttar Pradesh M Corp 669,087
Alipurduar West Bengal 73,732
Allahabad Uttar Pradesh UA 1,042,229
Almora Uttarakhand UA 32,358
Aalanavara Karnataka TP 16,290
Along Arunachal Pradesh CT 17,033
Alur Karnataka TP 6,133
Alwar Rajasthan 160,245
Amadalavalasa Andhra Pradesh N.P 37,931
Amalapuram Andhra Pradesh M 51,444
Amalner Maharashtra M.Cl 91,490
Amarpur Bihar N.A 20,965
Ambad Maharashtra M.Cl 26,108
Ambagarh Chowki Chhattisgarh NP 8,513
Ambaji Gujrat CT 13,702
Ambaliyasan Gujrat CT 6,739
Ambejogai Maharashtra M.Cl 69,478
Ambikaanagara Karnataka CT 4,848
Ambikapur Chhattisgarh UA 90,967
Ambivali Tarf Wankhal Maharashtra CT 6,798
Amguri Assam TC 6,997
Amini Lakshadweep 7,353
Amlabad Jharkhand C.T 4,699
Amli Dadra and Nagar Haveli C.T 28,570
Amravati Maharashtra M.Corp 549,510
Amreli Gujarat UA 95,307
Amritsar Punjab UA 1,003,917
Amroha Uttar Pradesh MB 165,129
Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh M 85,486
Anand Gujarat UA 218,486
Anandapur Orissa N.A.C 35,048
Anandnagaar Assam CT 5,026
Anantapur Andhra Pradesh UA 243,143
Anantnag Jammu and Kashmir UA 97,896
Ancharakandy Kerala C.T 21,878
Andada Gujrat CT 13,506
Anekal Karnataka TMC 33,157
Ankola Karnataka UA 26,138
Anjar Gujrat M 68,343
Anjangaon Maharashtra.Cl 51,170
Anklav Gujrat M 19,803
Ankleshwar Gujarat UA 67,952
Annigeri Karnataka TMC 25,710
Antaliya Gujrat CT 4,990
Anugul Orissa N.A.C 38,018
Ara Jharkhand C.T 14,165
Arambhada Gujrat CT 15,011
Arakkonam Tamil Nadu 82,500
Araria Bihar M 60,861
Arang Chhattisgarh NP 16,629
Arambagh West Bengal 60,594
Arsikere Karnataka UA 45,166
Arcot Tamil Nadu
Areraj Bihar N.A 20,356
Arkalgud Karnataka TP 15,169
Arki Himachal Pradesh N.P 2,877
Arnia Jammu and Kashmir N.A.C 9,057
Aroor Kerala C.T 35,283
Arrah Bihar M 203,380
Aruppukkottai Tamil Nadu 84,029
Arvi Maharashtra M.Cl 40,575
Asankhurd Haryana C.T 8,066
Asansol West Bengal 486,304
Asarganj Bihar CT 5739
Ashok Nagar Madhya Pradesh 67,705
Ashta Maharashtra M.Cl 33,203
Ashtamichira Kerala
Asika Orissa N.A.C 20,739
Asola Delhi CT 5,003
Assandh Haryana M.C 22,707
Ateli Haryana M.C 5,673
Athni Karnataka UA 40,950
Attingal Kerala M 35,693
Atul Gujrat CT 5352
Aurad Karnataka TP 15,804
Aurangabad Bihar M 79,393
Aurangabad Maharashtra 1,208,285
Ausa Maharashtra M.Cl 30,876
Avinissery Kerala C.T 11,462
Awantipora Jammu and Kashmir N.A.C 6,252
Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh MB 93,521


File:UB City, Bangalore.JPG
UB City, Bangalore
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001) Population (2011)
Babiyal Haryana C.T 21,644
Baddi Himachal Pradesh N.P 22,601
Bade Bacheli Chhattisgarh N.P 20,411
Badaun Uttar Pradesh U.P 29,829
Badepalle Andhra Pradesh C.T 29,829
Badharghat Tripura C.T 47,713
Bagaha Bihar M 91,467
Bahadurgarh Haryana UA 131,925
Bahadurganj Bihar N.A 28,118
Baharampur West Bengal 1,60,168
Bahraich Uttar Pradesh 1,68,376
Bairgania Bihar N.A 34,836
Bakhtiarpur Bihar N.A 32,293
Balaghat Madhya Pradesh 75,061
Balangir Orissa M 85,261
Balasore Orissa
Baleshwar Orissa UA 156,430
Bali Rajasthan
Bally West Bengal
Ballabhgarh Haryana
Ballia Uttar Pradesh
Balod Chhattisgarh N.P 21,165
Baloda Bazar Chhattisgarh N.P 22,853
Balrampur Uttar Pradesh
Balurghat West Bengal
Bamra Orissa
Banda Uttar Pradesh
Bandikui Rajasthan
Bandipore Jammu and Kashmir N.A.C 25,795
Banganapalle Andhra Pradesh
Banka Bihar M 35,455
Banmankhi Bazar Bihar N.A 25,187
Banswara Rajasthan
Bankura West Bengal 2,19,255
Bapatla Andhra Pradesh M 68,397
Barakar West Bengal
Barahiya Bihar M 39,865
Baramati Maharashtra
Baramula Jammu and Kashmir UA 71,896
Baran Rajasthan
Barasat West Bengal
Bardhaman West Bengal
Barauli Bihar N.A 34,653
Barbigha Bihar N.A 38,200
Bareilly Uttar Pradesh
Bargarh Orissa
Barughutu Jharkhand C.T 21, 092
Basna Chhattisgarh
Barbil Orissa M 52,627
Bargarh Orissa M 63,678
Barh Bihar M 48,442
Baripada Orissa UA 100,651
Barmer Rajasthan
Barnala Punjab M.Cl 96,624
Barpeta Assam M.B 41,038
Barpeta Road Assam M.B 35,725
Barrackpur West Bengal
Barwani Madhya Pradesh
Barwala Haryana M.C 33,132
Basudebpur Orissa N.A.C 30,006
Batala Punjab UA 147,872
Bathinda Punjab M.Cl 217,256
Bawal Haryana
Bazpur Uttarakhand M.B 21,792
Beawar Rajasthan
Begusarai Bihar M.Corp. 107,623
Behea Bihar N.A 20,741
Belagaavi Karnataka
Bellampalle Andhra Pradesh M 66,792
Ballary Karnataka
Belpahar Orissa N.A.C 32,826
Bemetra Chhattisgarh N.P 23,315
Bengalooru Karnataka
Berhampur Orissa
Bethamcherla Andhra Pradesh C.T 30,973
Bettiah Bihar M 116,670
Betul Madhya Pradesh
Bhabua Bihar M 41,755
Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradesh C.T 42,650
Bhadrak Orissa M 92,515
Bhagalpur Bihar M.Corp. 350,133
Bhagha Purana Punjab N.P 21,596
Bhainsa Andhra Pradesh N.P 41,331
Bhajanpura Delhi
Bhandara Maharashtra
Bharatpur Rajasthan
Bharthana Uttar Pradesh
Bharuch Gujarat
Bhatapara Chhattisgarh M 50,118
Bhavani Tamil Nadu
Bhavnagar Gujarat
Bhawanipatna Orissa M 60,787
Bheemunipatnam Andhra Pradesh UA 48,664
Bhilai Chhattisgarh
Bhilwara Rajasthan
Bhimavaram Andhra Pradesh UA 142,064
Bhinmal Rajasthan
Bhiwandi Maharashtra
Bhiwani Haryana M. Cl 169,531
Bhongir Andhra Pradesh M 50,407
Bhopal* Madhya Pradesh
Bhuban Orissa N.A.C 20,234
Bhubaneswar* Orissa UA 658,220
Bhuj Gujarat
Bhusawal Maharashtra
Bidar Karnataka
Bidhan Nagar West Bengal
Bihar Sharif Bihar M.Corp. 232,071
Bijnaur Uttar Pradesh
Bikaner Rajasthan
Bikramganj Bihar N.A 38,408
Bilara Rajasthan
Bilasipara Assam T.C 31,171
Bilaspur Chhattisgarh UA 335,293
Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh
Biramitrapur Orissa M 29,447
Birgaon Chhattisgarh C.T 23,562
Bobbili Andhra Pradesh M 50,096
Bodhan Andhra Pradesh M 71,520
Bodh Gaya Bihar N.A 30,857
Bokaro Steel City Jharkhand UA 497,780
Bongaigaon Assam UA 1,10,696 7,32,639
Bomdila Arunachal Pradesh
Brahmapur Orissa M 307,792
Brajrajnagar Orissa M 76,959
Budaun Uttar Pradesh
Budhlada Punjab M.Cl 23,521
Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh
Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh
Burla Orissa
Buxar Bihar M 83,168
Byasanagar Orissa UA 40,741


File:Tidel Park.jpg
File:CSI church and LIC building, Coimbatore.jpg
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Cambay Gujarat
Chaibasa Jharkhand M 63,648
Chakeri Uttar Pradesh
Chakradharpur Jharkhand UA 55,228
Chalisgaon Maharashtra
Chamba Himachal Pradesh M Cl 20,327
Chamba Uttarakhand
Champa Chhattisgarh M 37,951
Champawat Uttarakhand
Champhai Mizoram N.T 26,465
Chamarajanagara Karnataka
Chandigarh* Punjab M. C 808,515
Chandil Jharkhand
Chandausi Uttar Pradesh
Chandrapura Jharkhand C.T 22,396
Chanpatia Bihar N.A 22,038
Charkhi Dadri Haryana M.C 44,895
Chapirevula Andhra Pradesh
Chatra Jharkhand M 42,020
Charkhari Uttar Pradesh
Chalakudy Kerala M 48,380
Chandrapur Maharashtra
Changanassery Kerala M 51,967
Cheeka Haryana M.C 32,128
Chendamangalam Kerala C.T 28,147
Chengalpattu Tamil Nadu
Chengannur Kerala M 25,397
Chennai* Tamil Nadu
Cherthala Kerala UA 141,558
Cheruthazham Kerala C.T 26,239
Chhapra Bihar M 179,190
Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh N.A.C 20,289
Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh
Chikkodi Karnataka T.M.C 32,820
Chikkamagalur Karnataka
Chilakaluripet Andhra Pradesh M 91,656
Chinchani Maharashtra C.T. 13,435
Chinna salem Tamil nadu T.P 35,000
Chinthaamani Karnataka
Chiplun Maharashtra
Chirala Andhra Pradesh UA 166,294
Chirkunda Jharkhand UA 106,227
Chirmiri Chhattisgarh UA 93,373
Chinsura West Bengal 106,227
Chithradurga Karnataka
Chittur-Thathamangalam Kerala UA 67,935
Chitrakoot Madhya Pradesh
Chittoor Andhra Pradesh M 152,654
Chockli Kerala C.T 31,772
Churi Jharkhand C.T 25,222
Churu Rajasthan
Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 930,882
Colgong Bihar M 22,049
Contai West Bengal
Cooch Behar West Bengal
Coonoor Tamil Nadu
Cuddalore Tamil Nadu
Cuddapah Andhra Pradesh UA 262,506
Curchorem Cacora Goa M.Cl 21,407
Cuttack Orissa UA 587,182
Chikkaballapura Karnataka
Chandan Bara Bihar M 16,049


Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Dabra Madhya Pradesh
Dadri Uttar Pradesh
Dahod Gujarat 79,185
Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh
Dalkhola West Bengal
Dalli-Rajhara Chhattisgarh UA 57,058
Dalsinghsarai Bihar N.A 20,196
Daltonganj Jharkhand M 71,422
Daman and Diu Daman and Diu M.Cl 35,770
Damoh Madhya Pradesh
Darbhanga Bihar M.Corp. 267,348
Darjeeling West Bengal
Dasua Punjab M.Cl 20,114
Datia Madhya Pradesh
Daudnagar Bihar M 38,014
Daund Maharashtra
Davanageray Karnataka
Debagarh Orissa M 20,096
Deesa Gujarat 83,340
Dehgam Gujarat
Dehradun Uttarakhand UA 530,263
Dehri-on-Sone Bihar M 119,057
Deoghar Jharkhand UA 112,525
Deoria Uttar Pradesh
Devarakonda Andhra Pradesh C.T 27,434
Devgarh Maharashtra
Devgarh Rajasthan
Dewas Madhya Pradesh
Dhaka Bihar N.A 32,632
Dhamtari Chhattisgarh M 82,111
Dhanbad Jharkhand UA 1,065,327
Dhar Madhya Pradesh
Dharampur Gujarat
Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh
Dharmanagar Tripura N.P 30,790
Dharmapuri Tamil Nadu M
Dharmavaram Andhra Pradesh M 103,357
Dharwad Karnataka
Dhekiajuli Assam M.B 25,349
Dhenkanal Orissa M 57,677
Dholka Gujarat
Dhubri Assam M.B 64,168
Dhule Maharashtra 341,473
Dhulian West Bengal
Dhuri Punjab M.Cl 49,406
Dibrugarh Assam UA 137,661
Digboi Assam UA 37,143
Dighwara Bihar N.A 27,367
Dimapur Nagaland T.C 98,096
Dinanagar Punjab M.Cl 21,502
Dindigul Tamil Nadu
Diphu Assam T.C 52,310
Dipka Chhattisgarh C.T 20,150
Dispur* Assam
Dombivli Maharashtra M.Corp. 2,293,000
Dongargarh Chhattisgarh M 34,441
Duliajan Oil Town Assam C.T 23,763
Dumdum West Bengal
Dumka Jharkhand M 44,989
Dumraon Bihar M 45,806
Durg-Bhilai Nagar Chhattisgarh UA 927,864
Durgapur Maharashtra
Durgapur West Bengal
Dwarka Gujarat


Name of City/Town Dudhara Name of State Bihar Classificatiom Population (2001)
Ellenabad Haryana M.C 32,795
Eluru Andhra Pradesh UA 515,000
Erattupetta Kerala C.T 29,682
Erode Tamil Nadu M.C 5,21,776
Etah Uttar Pradesh
Etawah Uttar Pradesh


Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Faizabad Uttar Pradesh
Falna Rajasthan
Faridabad Haryana M.Corp. 1,055,938
Faridkot Punjab UA 79,321
Farooqnagar Andhra Pradesh C.T 34,470
Farrukhabad Uttar Pradesh
Fatehabad Haryana M.C 59,917
Fatehabad Madhya Pradesh
Fatehabad Uttar Pradesh
Fatehgarh Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Chaurasi Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Sikri Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Rajasthan
Fatehpur Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Uttar Pradesh
Fatwah Bihar N.A 38,672
Fazilka Punjab M.Cl 67,427
Forbesganj Bihar M 41,499
Firozabad Uttar Pradesh
Firozpur Punjab M.Cl 95,475
Firozpur Cantt. Punjab C.B 57,678


Name of ity/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Gadhaga Karnataka
Gadchiroli Maharashtra
Gadwal Andhra Pradesh UA 53,560
Ganaur Haryana M.C 29,006
Gandhidham Gujarat
Gandhinagar* Gujarat
Gangtok* Sikkim N.T.A 29,354
Ganjam Orissa
Garhwa Jharkhand M 36,686
Gauripur Assam T.C 25,002
Gaya Bihar M.Corp. 394,945
Gharaunda Haryana M.C 30,172
Ghatampur Uttar Pradesh
Ghatanji Maharashtra
Ghatshila Jharkhand C.T 37,854
Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh
Giddarbaha Punjab M.Cl 36,598
Giridih Jharkhand UA 105,634
Goa Velha Goa
Goalpara Assam M.B 49,037
Gobindgarh Punjab UA 60,677
Gobranawapara Chhattisgarh M 25,591
Godda Jharkhand M 37,008
Godhra Gujarat
Gogri Jamalpur Bihar N.A 31,106
Gohana Haryana M.C 48,532
Gokak Karnataka C.M.C 82,674
Golaghat Assam M.B 33,064
Gomoh Jharkhand C.T 29,587
Gondiya Maharashtra
Gooty Andhra Pradesh C.T 43,389
Gopalganj Bihar M 54,449
Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh
Gudalur Tamil Nadu
Gudalur Tamil Nadu
Gudalur Tamil Nadu
Gudivada Andhra Pradesh M 113,054
Gudur Andhra Pradesh UA 68,782
Gulbarga Karnataka
Gumia Jharkhand C.T 45,548
Gumla Jharkhand M 39,761
Guna Madhya Pradesh
Gundlupet Karnataka T.M.C. 26,368
Guntakal Andhra Pradesh M 117,103
Guntur Andhra Pradesh M.Corp. 514,461
Gunupur Orissa UA 24,706
Gurdaspur Punjab UA 68,441
Gurgaon Haryana M.Corp. 228,820
Guruvayoor Kerala UA 138,681
Guwahati Assam UA 818,809
Gwalior Madhya pradesh M.Corp


Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Haflong Assam T.C 36,302
Hailakandi Assam M.B 29,739
Hajipur Bihar M 119,412
Haldia West Bengal
Haldwani Uttarakhand UA 158,896
Haibat(Yamuna Nagar) Haryana UA 263,186
Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
Hamirpur Uttar Pradesh M.Corp. 38,035
Hansi Haryana M.Cl 75,745
Hanuman Junction Andhra Pradesh
Hanumangarh Rajasthan
Harda Madhya Pradesh
Hardoi Uttar Pradesh
Haridwar Uttarakhand UA 220,767
Harsawa Rajasthan
Haasana Karnataka
Hastinapur Uttar Pradesh
Hathras Uttar Pradesh
Hazaribag Jharkhand UA 135,473
Hilsa Bihar N.A 37,775
Himatnagar Gujarat
Hindupur Andhra Pradesh M 125,074
Hinjilicut Orissa N.A.C 21,347
Hisar Haryana UA 263,186
Hisua Bihar N.A 25,205
Hodal Haryana M.C 38,309
Hojai Assam M.B 35,718
Hoshiarpur Punjab M.Cl 149,668
Hosapet Karnataka
Howrah West Bengal
Hubbali Karnataka
Hugli-Chuchura West Bengal 170, 201
Hussainabad Jharkhand N.A 23,441
Hyderabad* Andhra Pradesh UA 5,742,036


Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Ichalkaranji Maharashtra 420,000
Ichchapuram Andhra Pradesh N.P 32,662
Idar Gujarat
Imphal* Manipur UA 250,234
Indore Madhya Pradesh 1,230,373
Indranagar Tripura C.T 17,807
Irinjalakuda Kerala M 28,873
Islampur Bihar N.A 29,868
Islampur West Bengal
Itanagar* Arunachal Pradesh C.T 35,022
Itarsi Madhya Pradesh


Jorhat City Skyline
File:Penza from Ferris wheel.JPG
Jajmau City Skyline
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh M. Corp. 1,11,70,000 (2011)
Jagadhri Haryana
Jagatsinghapur Orissa N.A.C 30,824
Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh UA 103,123
Jagdispur Bihar M 28,085
Jaggaiahpet Andhra Pradesh N.P 40,373
Jagraon Punjab M.Cl 60,080
Jagtial Andhra Pradesh M 85,521
Jaipur* Rajasthan 3110570 (2011)
Jais Uttar Pradesh
Jaisalmer Rajasthan
Jaitaran Rajasthan
Jaitu Punjab UA 33,465
Jajapur Orissa M 32,239
Jajmau Uttar Pradesh M. Corp. 652,831
Jalalabad Punjab UA 32,924
Jalna Maharashtra
Jalandhar Cantt. Punjab C.B 40,531
Jalandhar Punjab UA 714,077
Jaleswar Orissa N.A.C 21,387
Jalgaon Maharashtra
Jalore Rajasthan
Jamalpur Bihar M 96,983
Jammalamadugu Andhra Pradesh C.T 40,514
Jammu Jammu and Kashmir UA 612,163
Jamnagar Gujarat 1,910,000
Jamshedpur Jharkhand UA 1,618,524
Jamtara Jharkhand N.A 22,558
Jamui Bihar M 66,797
Jandiala Punjab M.Cl 23,834
Jangaon Andhra Pradesh N.P 43,996
Janjgir Chhattisgarh M 32,513
Jashpurnagar Chhattisgarh N.P 20,239
Jaspur Uttarakhand M.B 38,937
Jatani Orissa UA 57,957
Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh
Jehanabad Bihar M 81,503
Jeypur Orissa M 76,625
Jhabua Madhya Pradesh
Jhajha Bihar N.A 36,447
Jhajjar Haryana M.C 39,002
Jhalawar Rajasthan
Jhanjharpur Bihar N.A 24,112
Jhansi Uttar Pradesh M.Corp. 504,292
Jhargram West Bengal M 53,158
Jharsuguda Orissa M 76,100
Jhumri Tilaiya Jharkhand M 69,503
Jhunjhunu Rajasthan
Jind Haryana M.Cl 135,855
Joda Orissa M 38,689
Jodhpur Rajasthan
Jogabani Bihar N.A 29,991
Jogendranagar Tripura C.T 34,850
Jorhat Assam UA 137,814
Jowai Meghalaya M 25,057
Junagadh Gujarat
Junnar Maharashtra


File:Kochi Collage 01.jpg
File:Kolkata City.jpg
South City Towers, the tallest buildings in Eastern India located in Kolkata
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Kadi Gujarat UA 60,026
Kadiri Andhra Pradesh M 76,252
Kadirur Kerala C.T 28,989
Kagaznagar Andhra Pradesh M 59,734
Kailaras Madhya Pradesh
Kailasahar Tripura N.P 20,286
Kaithal Haryana M.Cl 117,285
Kakching Manipur M.Cl 28,724
Kakinada Andhra Pradesh M.Corp 376,861
Kalan Wali Haryana M.C 25,163
Kalavad Gujarat M 24,858
Kalburgi Karnataka
Kalimpong West Bengal
Kalka Haryana M.C 30,830
Kalliasseri Kerala C.T 28,068
Kalpi Uttar Pradesh UA 112,013
Kalol Gujarat UA 27,903
Kalpetta Kerala M 29,612
Kalyan Maharashtra 1,576,614
Kalyandurg Andhra Pradesh C.T 29,266
Kamareddy Andhra Pradesh M 64,496
Kamthi Maharashtra
Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu
Kandukur Andhra Pradesh M 50,326
Kanhangad Kerala UA 129,367
Kanjikkuzhi Kerala C.T 22,127
Kanker Chhattisgarh UA 31,385
Kannur Kerala UA 498,207
Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Megacity 5,881,356
Kantabanji Orissa N.A.C 20,095
Kanti Bihar N.A 20,871
Kapadvanj Gujarat M 43,950
Kapurthala Punjab M.Cl 85,686
Karad Maharashtra
Karaikal Pondicherry M 74,438
Karaikudi Tamil Nadu
Karanjia Orissa N.A.C 21,441
Karimganj Assam M.B 52,613
Karimnagar Andhra Pradesh UA 218,302
Karjan Gujarat M 26,358
karjat maharashtra M 217,363
Kaarkala Karnataka
Karnal Haryana UA 221,236
Karoran Punjab C.T 20,361
Kartarpur Punjab M.Cl 25,157
Karur Tamil Nadu UA 153,675
Karungal Tamil Nadu
Kaarawaara Karnataka
Kasaragod Kerala UA 75,968
Kashipur Uttarakhand M.B 92,967
Kathua Jammu and Kashmir UA 51,034
Katihar Bihar UA 190,873
Katni Madhya Pradesh
Kavali Andhra Pradesh UA 85,616
Kavaratti* Lakshadweep C.T 10,119
Kawardha Chhattisgarh UA 32,415
Kayamkulam Kerala M 68,585
Kendrapara Orissa M 41,407
Kendujhar Orissa M 51,845
Keshod Gujarat M 63,257
Keylong Himachal Pradesh
Khagaria Bihar M 45,221
Khambhalia Gujarat M 36,479
Khambhat Gujarat UA 93,194
Khammam Andhra Pradesh UA 198,620
Khanna Punjab M.Cl 103,099
Kharagpur Bihar N.A 27,075
Kharagpur West Bengal
Kharar Punjab UA 42,289
Kheda Gujarat M 24,136
Khedbrahma Gujarat M 25,556
Kheralu Gujarat M 20,141
Kheri Uttar Pradesh
Khordha Orissa M 39,054
Khowai Tripura N.P 17,689
Khunti Jharkhand N.A 29,282
Khurai Madhya Pradesh
kichha Uttarakhand M.B 30,503
Kishanganj Bihar M 85,590
Kochi Kerala UA 1,355,972
Kodad Andhra Pradesh
Kodinar Gujarat M 32,610
Kodungallur Kerala UA 94,883
Kohima* Nagaland T.C 77,030
Kokrajhar Assam M.B 31,164
Kolaara Karnataka
Kolhapur Maharashtra
Kolkata West Bengal Urban Agglomeration 5,138,208
Kollam Kerala UA 380,091
Kollankodu Tamil Nadu T.P 34,425
Kondagaon Chhattisgarh M 26,898
Konnagar West Bengal
Koothuparamba Kerala M 29,532
Koraput Orissa N.A.C 39,548
Korba Chhattisgarh M.Corp. 315,690
Koratla Andhra Pradesh M 54,012
Kot Kapura Punjab M.Cl 80,785
Kota Karnataka
Kota Rajasthan
Kota Uttar Pradesh
Kotdwara Uttarakhand M.B 24,947
Kothagudem Andhra Pradesh UA 105,266
Kothamangalam Kerala M 37,173
Kothapeta Andhra Pradesh
Kotma Madhya Pradesh
Kottayam Kerala UA 172,878
Kovvur Andhra Pradesh N.P 39,372
Kozhikode Kerala UA 880,247
Krishnanagar West Bengal
Kuchinda Orissa
Kunnamkulam Kerala M 51,592
Kurali Punjab M.Cl 23,047
Kurnool Andhra Pradesh UA 342,973
Kyathampalle Andhra Pradesh C.T 42,273


Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Lachhmangarh Rajasthan M 47,345
Ladnu Rajasthan M 57,070
Ladwa Haryana M.C 22,339
Lahar Madhya Pradesh N.P 28,253
Laharpur Uttar Pradesh M.B 50,092
Lakheri Rajasthan M 32,183
Lakhimpur Uttar Pradesh M.B 121,486
Lakhisarai Bihar M 77,875
Lakshmishawara Karnataka T.M.C 33,417
Lal Gopalganj Nindaura Uttar Pradesh N.P 22,992
Lalganj Bihar M 29,873
Lalgudi Tamil Nadu T.P 23,405
Lalitpur Uttar Pradesh M.B 111,892
Lalganj Uttar Pradesh N.P 21,142
Lalsot Rajasthan M 28,249
Lanka Assam T.C 34,423
Lar Uttar Pradesh N.P 25,363
Lathi Gujarat M 20,966
Latur Maharashtra M.Cl 299,985
Leh Jammu and Kashmir N.A.C 28,639
Lilong Manipur N.P 20,257
Limbdi Gujarat M 40,071
Lingsuguru Karnataka T.P 27,306
Loha Maharashtra M.Cl 20,148
Lohardaga Jharkhand M 46,196
Lonar Maharashtra M.Cl 20,082
Lonavla Maharashtra M.Cl 55,652
Longowal Punjab M.Cl 20,239
Loni Uttar Pradesh N.P 120,945
Losal Rajasthan M 25,361
Lucknow* Uttar Pradesh UA 2,245,509
Ludhiana Punjab M.Corp. 1,398,467
Lumding Assam UA 50,570
Lunawada Gujarat M 33,369
Lundi Madhya Pradesh N.P 20,168
Lunglei Mizoram N.T 47,137


File:Mumbai Skyline at Night.jpg
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Macherla Andhra Pradesh M 49,221
Machilipatnam Andhra Pradesh M 179,353
Madanapalle Andhra Pradesh UA 107,449
Maddhuru Karnataka T.M.C 26,521
Madgaon Goa
Madhepura Bihar M 45,031
Madhubani Bihar M 66,340
Madhugiri Karnataka T.M.C 26,304
Madhupur Jharkhand M 47,326
Madhyamgram Orissa
Madikeri Karnataka T.M.C 32,496
Madurai Tamil Nadu 11,40,000
Maagadi Karnataka T.M.C 25,031
Mahabaleswar Maharashtra
Mahad Maharashtra M.Cl 24,276
Mahbubnagar Andhra Pradesh UA 139,662
Mahalingapura Karnataka T.M.C 30,858
Maharajganj Bihar N.A 20,860
Maharajpur Madhya Pradesh NP 21,490
Mahasamund Chhattisgarh M 47,100
Mahe Pondicherry M 36,828
Mahendragarh Chhattisgarh M 30,758
Mahendragarh Haryana M.C 24,323
Mahesana Gujarat UA 141,453
Mahidpur Madhya Pradesh UA 29,379
Mahnar Bazar Bihar M 37,370
Mahoba Uttar Pradesh
Mahuli Maharashtra
Mahuva Gujarat UA 80,726
Mahwa Rajasthan
Maihar Madhya Pradesh M 34,342
Mainaguri West Bengal C.T 27,106
Makhdumpur Bihar N.A 30,109
Makrana Rajasthan UA 91,853
Mal West Bengal M 23,218
Malajkhand Madhya Pradesh M 32,296
Malappuram Kerala UA 170,409
Malavalli Karnataka T.M.C 35,851
Malegaon Maharashtra M.Cl 409,403
Malerkotla Punjab M.Cl 107,009
Malkangiri Orissa N.A.C 23,114
Malkapur Maharashtra M.Cl 61,012
Malout Punjab M.Cl 70,765
Malpura Rajasthan UA 27,360
Maaluru Karnataka T.M.C 27,815
Manasa Madhya Pradesh N.P 22,623
Manavadar Gujarat M 27,563
Manawar Madhya Pradesh M 25,467
Manchar Maharashtra
Mancherial Andhra Pradesh UA 118,195
Mandalgarh Rajasthan M 20,169
Mandamarri Andhra Pradesh M 66,596
Mandapeta Andhra Pradesh M 47,638
Mandawa Rajasthan M 20,830
Mandi Himachal Pradesh M.Cl 60,387
Mandi Dabwali Haryana M.C 53,811
Mandideep Madhya Pradesh M 39,859
Mandla Madhya Pradesh UA 60,542
Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh UA 117,555
Mandvi Gujarat M 42,355
Mandya Karnataka C.M.C 131,179
Maner Bihar N.A 30,082
Manesar Haryana
Mangalagiri Andhra Pradesh
Mangaldoi Assam M.B 23,920
Mangalooru Karnataka UA 539,387
Mangalvedhe Maharashtra M.Cl 21,706
Manglaur Uttarakhand M.B 42,584
Mangrol Gujarat UA 56,320
Mangrol Rajasthan M 21,842
Mangrulpir Maharashtra M.Cl 27,815
Manihari Bihar N.A 21,803
Manjlegaon Maharashtra M.Cl 44,029
Mankachar Assam C.T 28,780
Manmad Maharashtra M.Cl 72,401
Mansa Punjab M.Cl 72,627
Mansa Gujarat M 27,922
Manuguru Andhra Pradesh C.T 32,893
Maanvi Karnataka T.M.C 37,613
Manwath Maharashtra M.Cl 29,218
Mapusa Goa M.Cl 40,487
Margao Goa UA 94,383
Margherita Assam C.T 24,049
Marhaura Bihar N.A 24,548
Mariani Assam T.C 20,997
Marigaon Assam T.C 20,811
Markapur Andhra Pradesh M 58,462
Marmagao Goa UA 104,758
Masaurhi Bihar N.A 45,248
Mathabhanga West Bengal M 21,107
Mathura Uttar Pradesh
Mattannur Kerala M 44,313
Mauganj Madhya Pradesh N.P 23,024
Maur Punjab M.Cl 27,543
Mavelikkara Kerala M 28,439
Mavoor Kerala C.T 27,845
Mayang Imphal Manipur N.P 20,532
Medak Andhra Pradesh N.P 41,945
Medinipur West Bengal M 149,769
Meerut Uttar Pradesh
Mehkar Maharashtra M.Cl 37,715
Mehmedabad Gujarat M 30,768
Memari West Bengal M 36,207
Merta City Rajasthan M 40,252
Mhaswad Maharashtra M.Cl 20,500
Mhow Cantonment Madhya Pradesh UA 92,364
Mhowgaon Madhya Pradesh N.P 20,523
Mihijam Jharkhand N.A 33,236
Mira-Bhayandar Maharashtra 520,301
Miraj Maharashtra
Mirganj Bihar N.A 23,576
Miryalaguda Andhra Pradesh UA 91,359
Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh
Mithapur Gujarat
Modasa Gujarat M 54,135
Modinagar Uttar Pradesh M 272,918
Moga Punjab UA 135,279
Mogalthur Andhra Pradesh
Mohali Punjab M.Cl 123,484
Mohania Bihar
Mokama Bihar
Mokameh Bihar M 56,615
Mokokchung Nagaland T.C 31,214
Monoharpur West Bengal C.T 20,846
Moradabad Uttar Pradesh
Morena Madhya Pradesh M 150,959
Morinda Punjab M.Cl 22,635
Morshi Maharashtra M.Cl 33,607
Morvi Gujarat UA 178,055
Motihari Bihar UA 108,428
Motipur Bihar N.A 21,957
Mount Abu Rajasthan M 22,152
Mudalagi Karnataka T.M.C 29,893
Mudabidri Karnataka T.M.C 25,713
Muddebihala Karnataka T.M.C 28,219
Mudhola Karnataka T.M.C 42,461
Mukatsar Punjab
Mukerian Punjab M.Cl 21,384
Mukhed Maharashtra M.Cl 25,933
Muktsar Punjab M.Cl 83,655
Mul Maharashtra M.Cl 22,330
Mulabaagilu Karnataka T.M.C 44,033
Multai Madhya Pradesh N.P 21,423
Mumbai Maharashtra 18,414,288
Mundaragi Karnataka T.P 20,363
Mungeli Chhattisgarh UA 31,613
Munger Bihar M 188,050
Muradnagar Uttar Pradesh
Murliganj Bihar N.A 22,936
Murshidabad West Bengal M 36,947
Murtijapur Maharashtra M.Cl 38,554
Murwara Madhya Pradesh M.Corp. 187,029
Musabani Jharkhand C.T 33,980
Mussoorie Uttarakhand UA 29,329
Muvattupuzha Kerala M 29,246
Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh
Muzaffarpur Bihar M.Corp. 305,525
Mysooru Karnataka UA 799,228


File:Nagpur Reserve Bank.JPG
Branch of RBI in Nagpur city
File:Nashik Growth.jpg
Growing Sub-urb of Nashik
File:Takht Shri Hazoor Sahib Gurudwara Nanded.JPG
View of Takht Shri Hazoor Sahib Gurudwara in Nanded
View of Narayana Engineering College in Nellore
File:IT Park, Noida, Uttar Pradesh (2011-06-18).jpg
View of IT park in NOIDA region
File:Ramalayam 2.jpg
Khilla Ramalayam Temple in Nizamabad
File:Jubilee Bridge (Naihati-Bandel) by Piyal Kundu.jpg
View of Jubilee Bridge across River Hooghly in Naihati
File:Clock Tower, Nagercoil.JPG
View of Clock Tower in Nagercoil
File:Gandhi Sagar Dam1.JPG
View of Gandhi Sagar Dam in Neemuch
File:Nagapattinam Fishing industry.jpeg
A bridge under construction in Nagapattinam
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Nabadwip West Bengal UA 125,341
Nabarangapur Orissa M 28,005
Nabha Punjab M.Cl 62,000
Nadbai Rajasthan M 21,649
Nadiad Gujarat UA 196,793
Nagaon Assam UA 123,265
Nagapattinam Tamil Nadu M 93,148
Nagar Rajasthan M 21,350
Nagari Andhra Pradesh C.T 24,372
Nagarkurnool Andhra Pradesh C.T 26,157
Nagaur Rajasthan UA 93,915
Nagda Madhya Pradesh M 96,579
Nagercoil Tamil Nadu M 208,179
Nagina Uttar Pradesh M.B 71,350
Nagla Uttarakhand C.T 22,947
Nagpur Maharashtra UA 2,129,500
Nahan Himachal Pradesh M.Cl 26,053
Naharlagun Arunachal Pradesh C.T 27,020
Naihati West Bengal M 215,432
Naila Janjgir Chhattisgarh M 32,513
Nainital Uttarakhand UA 39,911
Nainpur Madhya Pradesh M 21,760
Najibabad Uttar Pradesh M.B 79,025
Nakodar Punjab M.Cl 31,408
Nakur Uttar Pradesh M.B 20,715
Nalasopara Maharashtra M.Cl 184,538
Nalbari Assam M.B 23,183
Namagiripettai Tamil Nadu T.P 21,446
Namakkal Tamil Nadu M 53,055
Nanded-Waghala Maharashtra M.Corp. 430,733
Nandgaon Maharashtra M.Cl 23,195
Nandivaram-Guduvancheri Tamil Nadu T.P 26,575
Nandura Maharashtra M.Cl 37,469
Nandurbar Maharashtra M.Cl 94,368
Nandyal Andhra Pradesh UA 157,120
Nangal Punjab UA 45,368
Nanjanagoodu Karnataka T.M.C 48,232
Nanjikottai Tamil Nadu C.T 21,935
Nanpara Uttar Pradesh M.B 42,773
Narasapur Andhra Pradesh M 58,604
Narasaraopet Andhra Pradesh UA 95,349
Naraura Uttar Pradesh N.P 20,407
Narayanpet Andhra Pradesh N.P 37,563
Nargund Rajasthan T.M.C 32,561
Narkatiaganj Bihar N.A 40,830
Narkhed Maharashtra M.Cl 21,537
Narnaul Haryana M.Cl 62,077
Narsinghgarh Madhya Pradesh UA 56,203
Narsinghgarh Madhya Pradesh M 27,723
Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh C.T 32,623
Narwana Haryana M.C 50,435
Nashik Maharashtra UA 1,152,326
Nasirabad Rajasthan C.B 49,130
Natham Tamil Nadu T.P 22,545
Nathdwara Rajasthan M 37,026
Naugachhia Bihar N.A 38,287
Naugawan Sadat Uttar Pradesh N.P 27,066
Nautanwa Uttar Pradesh M.B 29,302
Navalgund Rajasthan T.P 22,202
Navi Mumbai Maharashtra C.T 81,855
Navsari Gujarat UA 232,411
Nawabganj Uttar Pradesh M.B 30,606
Nawada Bihar M 81,891
Nawalgarh Rajasthan M 56,491
Nawanshahr Punjab UA 31,967
Nawapur Maharashtra M.Cl 29,979
Nedumangad Kerala M 56,138
Neem-Ka-Thana Rajasthan M 29,548
Neemuch Madhya Pradesh UA 112,852
Nehtaur Uttar Pradesh M.B 44,320
Nelamangala Rajasthan T.P 25,287
Nellikuppam Tamil Nadu M 44,222
Nellore Andhra Pradesh UA 404,775
Nepanagar Madhya Pradesh M 31,638
New Delhi* Delhi UA 16,877,470
Neyveli Tamil Nadu UA 138,035
Neyyattinkara Kerala M 69,467
Nidadavole Andhra Pradesh M 43,143
Nilanga Maharashtra M.Cl 31,662
Nimbahera Rajasthan M 53,327
Nippani Karnataka C.M.C 58,081
Nirmal Andhra Pradesh M 75,254
Niwai Rajasthan M 31,365
Niwari Madhya Pradesh N.P 20,713
Nizamabad Andhra Pradesh M 288,722
Nohar Rajasthan M 42,309
Noida Uttar Pradesh C.T 305,058
Nokha Bihar N.A 22,354
Nokha Rajasthan M 49,688
Nongstoin Meghalaya T.C 23,106
Noorpur Uttar Pradesh M.B 33,590
North Lakhimpur Assam M.B 54,285
Nowgong Madhya Pradesh M 33,024
Nowrozabad Madhya Pradesh N.P 22,403
Nuzvid Andhra Pradesh M 50,354



File:Ongole railway station.jpg
Main entrance of Ongole railway station
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
O' Valley Tamil Nadu T.P 24,793
Oddanchatram Tamil Nadu T.P 24,132
Obra Uttar Pradesh N.P 51,014
Ongole Andhra Pradesh UA 153,829
Orai Uttar Pradesh M.B 139,318
Osmanabad Maharashtra M.Cl 80,625
Ottappalam Kerala M 49,342
Ozar Maharashtra C.T 45,954


File:Pune India.jpg
Crowded Roads of Pune
File:Aerial View Of Patna.jpg
Aerial View Of Patna
File:Puducherry Park Monument retouched.jpg
Park Monunemt (Aayi Mandapam) in the Government Park of Pondicherry
File:Rail Shed Panipat Station.jpg
View of Panipat railway station
File:Fountain Chowk.jpg
The Phuara Chowk, the central landmark of Patiala
Twilight after Sunset in Parbhani
File:Porbandar skyline.JPG
Skyline of Porbandar
File:Palakkad Fort.JPG
View of Tippu's Fort in Palakkad from outside the northern wall
File:Ravi River at Pathankot.jpg
View of Ravi River at Pathankot
File:Rath Yatra Puri 07-11027.jpg
Rath Yatra festival in Puri at Shri Jagannath Temple
File:Mughal Gardens Pinjore.jpg
View of Yadvindra Gardens in Pinjore
File:A Busy road in Main Market.JPG
A Busy Main Market in Pilibhit city
Kirtistambh, an historical monument of Palanpur
File:Puruliya rail station.JPG
View of Puruliya railway station
View of Dattu Prajapati in Patan
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
P.N.Patti Tamil Nadu T.P 23,331
Pachora Maharashtra M.Cl 45,333
Pachore Madhya Pradesh N.P 20,939
Pacode Tamil Nadu T.P 22,781
Padmanabhapuram Tamil Nadu M 20,075
Padra Gujarat UA 39,205
Padrauna Uttar Pradesh M.B 44,383
Paithan Maharashtra M.Cl 34,518
Pakaur Jharkhand M 36,029
Palacole Andhra Pradesh UA 76,308
Palai Kerala M 22,640
Palakkad Kerala UA 197,369
Palani Tamil Nadu M 67,231
Palanpur Gujarat UA 122,300
Palasa Kasibugga Andhra Pradesh N.P 49,899
Palghar Maharashtra M.Cl 52,677
Pali Rajasthan M.Cl 187,641
Pali Madhya Pradesh N.P 20,942
Palia Kalan Uttar Pradesh M.B 35,029
Palitana Gujarat M 51,944
Pondur Andhra pradesh 4000
Palladam Tamil Nadu T.P 30,016
Pallapatti Tamil Nadu C.T 24,326
Pallikonda Tamil Nadu T.P 20,771
Palwal Haryana M.Cl 100,722
Palwancha Andhra Pradesh M 69,088
Panagar Madhya Pradesh M 25,199
Panagudi Tamil Nadu T.P 25,501
Panaji* Goa UA 99,677
Panchkula Haryana E.O 140,925
Panchla West Bengal C.T 22,051
Pandharkaoda Maharashtra M.Cl 26,572
Pandharpur Maharashtra M.Cl 91,379
Pandhurna Madhya Pradesh M 40,931
Pandua West Bengal C.T 27,161
Panipat Haryana M.Corp. 354,148
Panna Madhya Pradesh UA 52,057
Panniyannur Kerala C.T 20,863
Panruti Tamil Nadu M 55,346
Panvel Maharashtra M.Cl 204,336
Pappinisseri Kerala C.T 33,273
Paradip Orissa N.A.C 73,625
Paramakudi Tamil Nadu M 84,321
Parangipettai Tamil Nadu T.P 20,912
Parasi Uttar Pradesh C.T 21,206
Paravoor Kerala M 38,652
Parbhani Maharashtra M.Cl 259,329
Pardi Gujarat M 25,275
Parlakhemundi Orissa M 43,097
Parli Maharashtra M.Cl 88,537
Parola Maharashtra M.Cl 34,799
Partur Maharashtra M.Cl 29,012
Parvathipuram Andhra Pradesh M 49,714
Pasan Madhya Pradesh M 29,565
Paschim Punropara West Bengal C.T 31,198
Pasighat Arunachal Pradesh C.T 21,965
Patan Gujarat UA 113,749
Pathanamthitta Kerala M 38,009
Pathankot Punjab UA 168,485
Pathardi Maharashtra M.Cl 22,827
Pathri Maharashtra M.Cl 32,001
Patiala Punjab M.Corp. 405,164
Patna* Bihar M.Corp. 1,697,976
Patran Punjab N.P 22,175
Patratu Jharkhand C.T 32,134
Pattamundai Orissa N.A.C 32,730
Patti Punjab M.Cl 34,444
Pattukkottai Tamil Nadu M 65,533
Patur Maharashtra M.Cl 20,538
Pauni Maharashtra M.Cl 22,587
Pauri Uttarakhand M.B 24,743
Paavagada Karnataka T.P 28,068
Payyannur Kerala M 68,734
Pedana Andhra Pradesh N.P 29,613
Peddapuram Andhra Pradesh M 45,520
Pehowa Haryana M.C 33,564
Pen Maharashtra M.Cl 30,201
Perambalur Tamil Nadu T.P 37,631
Peravurani Tamil Nadu T.P 21,045
Peringathur Kerala C.T 37,699
Perinthalmanna Kerala M 44,612
Periyakulam Tamil Nadu M 42,012
Periyasemur Tamil Nadu T.P 32,024
Pernampattu Tamil Nadu T.P 41,499
Perumbavoor Kerala M 26,547
Petlad Gujarat M 51,147
Phagwara Punjab UA 102,253
Phalodi Rajasthan UA 44,868
Phaltan Maharashtra M.Cl 50,800
Phillaur Punjab M.Cl 22,302
Phulabani Orissa N.A.C 33,890
Phulera Rajasthan M 21,643
Phulpur Uttar Pradesh N.P 20,986
Phusro Jharkhand UA 174,402
Pihani Uttar Pradesh M.B 27,545
Pilani Rajasthan UA 40,590
Pilibanga Rajasthan M 33,608
Pilibhit Uttar Pradesh M.B 124,245
Pilkhuwa Uttar Pradesh M.B 66,907
Pindwara Rajasthan M 20,765
Pinjore Haryana UA 29,609
Pipar City Rajasthan M 32,735
Pipariya Madhya Pradesh UA 44,378
Piro Bihar N.A 25,811
Pithampur Madhya Pradesh N.P 68,080
Pithapuram Andhra Pradesh M 50,103
Pithoragarh Uttarakhand M.B 44,964
Pollachi Tamil Nadu UA 128,458
Polur Tamil Nadu T.P 25,505
Pondicherry* Pondicherry UA 505,959
Ponnani Kerala M 87,495
Ponneri Tamil Nadu T.P 24,309
Ponnur Andhra Pradesh M 57,640
Porbandar Gujarat UA 197,382
Porsa Madhya Pradesh M 33,103
Port Blair* Andaman and Nicobar Islands M.Cl 99,984
Powayan Uttar Pradesh N.P 23,406
Prantij Rajasthan M 22,282
Pratapgarh Rajasthan M 35,422
Pratapgarh Tripura C.T 26,837
Prithvipur Madhya Pradesh N.P 22,535
Proddatur Andhra Pradesh M 150,309
Pudukkottai Tamil Nadu M 109,217
Pudupattinam Tamil Nadu C.T 20,901
Pukhrayan Uttar Pradesh M.B 20,107
Pulgaon Maharashtra M.Cl 36,522
Puliyankudi Tamil Nadu M 60,080
Punalur Kerala M 47,235
Punch Jammu and Kashmir M.B 23,978
Pune Maharashtra UA 3,760,636
Punjaipugalur Tamil Nadu T.P 20,309
Punganur Andhra Pradesh N.P 44,314
Puranpur Uttar Pradesh M.B 37,233
Purna Maharashtra M.Cl 33,225
Puri Orissa M 157,837
Purnia Bihar M.Corp. 197,211
Purquazi Uttar Pradesh UA 23,599
Purulia West Bengal M 113,806
Purwa Uttar Pradesh N.P 21,271
Pusad Maharashtra M.Cl 67,116
Puthooru Karnataka T.M.C 48,070
Puttur Andhra Pradesh C.T 29,436


View of Quilandy railway station
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Qadian Punjab UA 22,001
Quilandy Kerala M 68,982


File:Underbridge Circle Rajkot.jpg
Under bridge Circle in Rajkot
File:Ranchi 9245.JPG
View of Ranchi from Ranchi Hills
File:NIT Raipur1.jpg
Main building of NIT Raipur
File:Rourkela railway station.jpg
Main entrance of Rourkela railway station
File:Rail-Road bridge Godavari.JPG
Sunset over the Godavari river in Rajahmundry with the Havelock Bridge in the background
File:Stadium rohtak.jpg
Athletic Stadium, Sector-6, Rohtak
View of NTPC in Ramagundam
Jaipur Express at Ratlam Railway Station
Rampur Raza Library in Rampur
A Dargah in Raichur
File:Rewa Kund.JPG
Rewa Kund in Rewa
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Rabakavi Banahatti Karnataka CMC 70,248
Radhanpur Gujarat M 32,191
Rae Bareli Uttar Pradesh M.B 169,333
Rafiganj Bihar N.A 24,992
Raghogarh-Vijaypur Madhya Pradesh M 49,173
Raghunathpur West Bengal M 21,932
Rahatgarh Madhya Pradesh N.P 25,215
Raichuri Maharashtra M.Cl 34,476
Raayachuru Karnataka CMC 207,421
Raiganj West Bengal UA 175,047
Raigarh Chhattisgarh UA 115,908
Raikot Punjab M.Cl 24,769
Raipur* Chhattisgarh UA 700,113
Rairangpur Orissa N.A.C 21,896
Raisen Madhya Pradesh M 35,702
Raisinghnagar Rajasthan M 27,736
Rajagangapur Orissa M 43,594
Rajahmundry Andhra Pradesh UA 413,616
Rajakhera Rajasthan M 28,349
Rajaldesar Rajasthan M 22,836
Rajam Andhra Pradesh C.T 23,424
Rajampet Andhra Pradesh M 109,575
Rajapalayam Tamil Nadu M 122,307
Rajauri Jammu and Kashmir N.A.C 21,580
Rajgarh (Alwar) Rajasthan M 25,009
Rajgarh (Churu) Rajasthan UA 51,640
Rajgarh Madhya Pradesh N.P 23,937
Rajgir Bihar N.A 33,738
Rajkot Gujarat UA 1,606,745(2012)
Rajnandgaon Chhattisgarh M.Corp. 143,770
Rajpipla Gujarat M 34,923
Rajpura Punjab M.Cl 82,956
Rajsamand Rajasthan M 55,687
Rajula Gujarat M 32,395
Rajura Maharashtra M.Cl 25,843
Ramachandrapuram Andhra Pradesh M 41,370
Ramagundam Andhra Pradesh UA 237,686
Raamanagara Karnataka CMC 79,394
Ramanathapuram Tamil Nadu M 62,050
Raamadurga Karnataka UA 36,649
Rameshwaram Tamil Nadu T.P 37,968
Ramganj Mandi Rajasthan M 30,973
Ramngarh Jharkhand UA 110,496
Ramngarh Rajasthan M 28,458
Ramnagar Bihar N.A 38,554
Ramnagar Uttarakhand M.B 46,205
Rampur Uttar Pradesh M.B 281,494
Rampur Maniharan Uttar Pradesh N.P 24,844
Rampura Phul Punjab UA 44,665
Rampurhat West Bengal M 50,613
Ramtek Maharashtra M.Cl 22,516
Ranaghat West Bengal UA 145,285
Ranavav Gujarat UA 29,645
Ranchi* Jharkhand UA 863,495
Rangia Assam M.B 25,151
Rania Haryana M.C 20,961
Ranibennur Karnataka CMC 89,618
Rapar Gujarat M 23,057
Rasipuram Tamil Nadu M 46,330
Rasra Uttar Pradesh M.B 29,238
Ratangarh Rajasthan M 63,486
Rath Uttar Pradesh M.B 55,950
Ratia Haryana M.C 23,826
Ratlam Madhya Pradesh UA 14,54,483 (2011)
Ratnagiri Maharashtra M.Cl 70,383
Rau Madhya Pradesh N.P 20,855
Raurkela Orissa UA 484,874
Raver Maharashtra M.Cl 25,993
Rawatbhata Rajasthan M 34,690
Rawatsar Rajasthan M 28,387
Raxaul Bazar Bihar M 41,610
Rayachoti Andhra Pradesh C.T 72,297
Rayadurg Andhra Pradesh M 54,125
Rayagada Orissa M 57,759
Reengus Rajasthan M 22,932
Rehli Madhya Pradesh M 25,890
Renigunta Andhra Pradesh C.T 23,862
Renukoot Uttar Pradesh UA 66,597
Reoti Uttar Pradesh N.P 22,082
Repalle Andhra Pradesh M 42,539
Revelganj Bihar M 34,042
Rewa Madhya Pradesh M.Corp. 183,274
Rewari Haryana M.Cl 100,684
Rishikesh Uttarakhand UA 78,805
Risod Maharashtra M.Cl 27,516
Robertsganj Uttar Pradesh M.B 32,243
Robertson Pet Karnataka UA 157,084
Rohtak Haryana M.Corp. 294,577
Ron Karnataka T.P 21,643
Roorkee Uttarakhand UA 115,278
Rosera Bihar M 27,492
Rudauli Uttar Pradesh M.B 36,776
Rudrapur Uttarakhand M.B 88,676
Rudrapur Uttar Pradesh N.P 26,683
Rupnagar Punjab M.Cl 49,159


Streets of Surat
File:Siliguri Uttarayon township.jpg
A Township in Siliguri
File:Srinagar pano.jpg
View of Dal Lake and the city of Srinagar
A Temple in Solapur
File:Salem Seelanaickenpati.jpg
Areal view of Salem City
File:Ganges canal roorkee1860.jpg
Watercolor showing The Ganges Canal in Saharanpur
File:WCE Sangli.jpg
Walchand College of Engineering in Sangli
A view of College Sagar Institute of Research, Technology & Science in Sagar
File:Shimoga Talaguppa Railcar.jpg
A Railcar running between Shimoga and Talaguppa
Areal view of Shillong City
File:Satna-Main street.JPG
View of Main street in Satna City during early houres
File:Sambalpur Rail.gif
Sambalpur Railway station in the lights of dark
File:Veku silchar.jpg
View of Silchar Airport
File:Sambalpur Rail.gif
Sambalpur Railway station in the lights of dark
File:Sitapur Jn Railway Station Outside View 1.jpg
Outside view of Sitapur Railway
File:Madhav National Park1.JPG
Madhav National Park1 in Shivpuri
File:Train shimla.jpg
Toy train in Shimla running between Shimla and Kalka
Watercolor of Rashyatra during Rasotsav in Shantipur
View of Mausolée de Sher Shah Suri à Sasaram in Sasaram
File:Busy Street, Sivakasi.jpg
Busy Streets of Sivakasi, Small Japan
View of RTC complex in Srikakulam
File:Satara city sunset by amitrc7th.jpg
View of Satara City at sunset, from Charbhinti
File:Sarni - Satpura Dam.JPG
View of the Satpura Dam
Pillalamarri, one of the oldest Hindu Temples in Suryapet
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Sabalgarh Madhya Pradesh UA 34,039
Sadabad Uttar Pradesh N.P 31,742
Sadalaga Karnataka T.P 20,202
Sadasivpet Andhra Pradesh M 36,334
Sadri Rajasthan M 24,413
Sadulshahar Rajasthan M 22,326
Safidon Haryana M.C 27,541
Safipur Uttar Pradesh N.P 22,378
Sagar Madhya Pradesh UA 308,922
Saagara Karnataka T.M.C 50,131
Sagwara Rajasthan M 31,127
Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh M.B 455,754
Saharsa Bihar N.T 125,167
Sahaspur Uttar Pradesh N.P 22,606
Sahaswan Uttar Pradesh M.B 58,184
Sahawar Uttar Pradesh N.P 20,470
Sahibganj Jharkhand M 80,154
Sahjanwa Uttar Pradesh N.P 25,107
Saidpur Uttar Pradesh N.P 21,568
Saiha Mizoram N.T 19,731
Sailu Maharashtra M.Cl 39,851
Sainthia West Bengal M 39,145
Sakaleshapura Karnataka T.M.C 23,176
Sakti Chhattisgarh N.P 20,213
Salaya Gujarat M 26,875
Salem Tamil Nadu UA 751,438
Salur Andhra Pradesh M 48,354
Samalkha Haryana M.C 29,866
Samalkot Andhra Pradesh M 53,602
Samana Punjab M.Cl 46,592
Samastipur Bihar UA 61,998
Sambalpur Orissa UA 226,469
Sambhal Uttar Pradesh M.B 182,478
Sambhar Rajasthan M 22,293
Samdhan Uttar Pradesh N.P 25,327
Samthar Uttar Pradesh M.B 20,217
Sanand Gujarat M 32,417
Sanawad Madhya Pradesh M 34,114
Sanchore Rajasthan M 25,884
Sandi Uttar Pradesh M.B 23,234
Sandila Uttar Pradesh M.B 48,899
Sandur Karnataka T.P 27,614
Sangamner Maharashtra M.Cl 61,958
Sangareddy Andhra Pradesh M 57,113
Sangaria Rajasthan M 34,537
Sangli Maharashtra UA 447,774
Sangole Maharashtra M.Cl 28,116
Sangrur Punjab M.Cl 77,989
Sankarankoil Tamil Nadu M 53,606
Sankari Tamil Nadu T.P 27,454
Sankeshwara Karnataka T.M.C 32,511
Santipur West Bengal M 138,235
Sarangpur Madhya Pradesh M 32,294
Sardarshahar Rajasthan M 81,394
Sardhana Uttar Pradesh M.B 48,314
Sarni Madhya Pradesh M 95,012
Sasaram Bihar M 131,172
Sasvad Maharashtra M.Cl 26,689
Satana Maharashtra M.Cl 32,561
Satara Maharashtra M.Cl 108,048
Satna Madhya Pradesh UA 229,307
Sathyamangalam Tamil Nadu M 33,722
Sattenapalle Andhra Pradesh M 51,404
Sattur Tamil Nadu M 31,443
Saunda Jharkhand C.T 85,075
Soudaththi-Yellamma Karnataka T.M.C 38,155
Sausar Madhya Pradesh N.P 24,312
Savarkundla Gujarat M 73,774
Savanur Karnataka T.M.C 35,563
Savner Maharashtra M.Cl 26,712
Sawai Madhopur Rajasthan UA 101,997
Sawantwadi Maharashtra M.Cl 22,901
Sedam Karnataka T.M.C 31,539
Sehore Madhya Pradesh UA 92,518
Sendhwa Madhya Pradesh M 48,941
Seohara Uttar Pradesh UA 47,575
Seoni Madhya Pradesh M 89,801
Seoni-Malwa Madhya Pradesh M 26,202
Shahabad Karnataka UA 66,550
Shahabad, Hardoi Uttar Pradesh M.B 67,751
Shahabad, Rampur Uttar Pradesh N.P 32,370
Shahade Maharashtra M.Cl 49,696
Shahbad Haryana M.C 37,289
Shahdol Madhya Pradesh M 78,624
Shahganj Uttar Pradesh M.B 24,602
Shahjahanpur Uttar Pradesh UA 321,885
Shahapura Karnataka T.M.C 38,907
Shahpura Rajasthan M 28,174
Shahpura Rajasthan M 27,792
Shajapur Madhya Pradesh UA 57,818
Shamgarh Madhya Pradesh N.P 21,507
Shamli Uttar Pradesh M.B 90,055
Shamsabad, Agra Uttar Pradesh M.B 27,338
Shamsabad, Farrukhabad Uttar Pradesh N.P 23,596
Shegaon Maharashtra M.Cl 52,423
Sheikhpura Bihar M 43,113
Shendurjana Maharashtra M.Cl 21,083
Shenkottai Tamil Nadu M 26,838
Sheoganj Rajasthan M 24,789
Sheohar Bihar N.A 21,262
Sheopur Madhya Pradesh UA 58,342
Sherghati Bihar N.A 32,526
Sherkot Uttar Pradesh M.B 52,880
Shiggaavi Karnataka T.P 24,327
Shikapur Karnataka T.M.C 31,516
Shikarpur, Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh M.B 33,187
Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh M.B 88,161
Shillong* Meghalaya UA 267,662
Shimla* Himachal Pradesh UA 144,975
Shivamogga Karnataka C.M.C 274,352
Shirdi Maharashtra M.Cl 26,184
Shirpur-Warwade Maharashtra M.Cl 61,694
Shirur Maharashtra M.Cl 26,999
Shishgarh Uttar Pradesh N.P 20,684
Shivpuri Madhya Pradesh M 146,892
Sholavandan Tamil Nadu T.P 21,638
Sholingur Tamil Nadu T.P 26,652
Shoranur Kerala M 42,029
Surapura Karnataka T.M.C 43,622
Shrigonda Maharashtra M.Cl 26,324
Shrirampur Maharashtra UA 88,761
Shree Rangapattana Karnataka T.M.C 23,729
Shujalpur Madhya Pradesh M 42,461
Siana Uttar Pradesh M.B 38,999
Sibsagar Assam M.B 53,854
Siddipet Andhra Pradesh M 61,809
Sidhi Madhya Pradesh M 45,700
Sidhpur Gujarat UA 58,194
Sidhalaghatta Karnataka T.M.C 41,098
Sihor Gujarat M 46,960
Sihora Madhya Pradesh M 37,870
Sikanderpur Uttar Pradesh N.P 21,783
Sikandra Rao Uttar Pradesh M.B 37,938
Sikandrabad Uttar Pradesh M.B 69,867
Sikar Rajasthan UA 185,925
Silao Bihar N.A 20,177
Silapathar Assam T.C 22,516
Silchar Assam UA 184,105
Siliguri West Bengal M.Corp. 1,572,000
Sillod Maharashtra M.Cl 43,867
Silvassa* Dadra and Nagar Haveli C.T 21,893
Simdega Jharkhand N.A 33,981
Sindhagi Karnataka T.M.C 27,732
Sindhanooru Karnataka T.M.C 61,262
Singapur Andhra Pradesh C.T 23,468
Singrauli Madhya Pradesh M.Corp. 185,190
Sinnar Maharashtra M.Cl 31,630
Sira Karnataka T.M.C 50,088
Sircilla Andhra Pradesh M 65,314
Sirhind Fatehgarh Sahib Punjab M.Cl 49,825
Sirkali Tamil Nadu M 32,228
Sirohi Rajasthan M 35,544
Sironj Madhya Pradesh M 42,179
Sirsa Haryana M.Cl 160,735
Sirsaganj Uttar Pradesh UA 28,212
Sirsi Karnataka UA 65,335
Sirsi Uttar Pradesh N.P 21,373
Sheraguppa Karnataka T.P 42,919
Sitamarhi Bihar UA 87,279
Sitapur Uttar Pradesh M.B 151,908
Sitarganj Uttarakhand M.B 22,027
Sivaganga Tamil Nadu UA 40,220
Sivagiri Tamil Nadu T.P 20,380
Sivakasi Tamil Nadu UA 121,358
Siwan Bihar M 109,919
Sohagpur Madhya Pradesh N.P 22,339
Sohna Haryana M.C 27,570
Sojat Rajasthan M 38,883
Solan Himachal Pradesh M.Cl 34,206
Solapur Maharashtra M.Corp. 872,478
Sonamukhi West Bengal M 27,354
Sonepur Bihar N.A 33,490
Songadh Gujarat M 22,431
Sonipat Haryana UA 225,074
Sopore Jammu and Kashmir UA 59,624
Soro Orissa N.A.C 27,794
Soron Uttar Pradesh M.B 26,678
Soyagaon Maharashtra C.T 21,819
Sri Madhopur Rajasthan M 28,492
Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh UA 117,320
Srikalahasti Andhra Pradesh M 70,854
Srinagar* Jammu and Kashmir UA 988,210
Shreenivaasapura Karnataka T.P 22,959
Srisailam Project (Right Flank Colony) Township Andhra Pradesh C.T 23,273
Srirampore West Bengal 19500
Srivilliputhur Tamil Nadu M 73,183
Suar Uttar Pradesh M.B 26,149
Sugauli Bihar N.A 31,432
Sujangarh Rajasthan M 83,846
Sujanpur Punjab M.Cl 21,815
Sultanganj Bihar N.A 41,958
Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh M.B 100,065
Sumerpur Rajasthan M 31,482
Sumerpur Uttar Pradesh N.P 24,661
Sunabeda Orissa N.A.C 58,884
Sunam Punjab UA 56,251
Sundargarh Orissa M 38,421
Sundarnagar Himachal Pradesh M.Cl 23,986
Supaul Bihar M 54,085
Surandai Tamil Nadu T.P 28,146
Surat Gujarat M.Corp. 2,876,374
Suratgarh Rajasthan M 58,119
Suri West Bengal M 61,806
Suriyampalayam Tamil Nadu T.P 21,923
Suryapet Andhra Pradesh UA 94,585


File:Thiruvananthapuram Montage 003.jpg
Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)
File:Thiruvananthapuram Appartments.jpg
Apartments coming up in the outskirts of Trivandrum
File:TrichyCity, KaveriRiver and Srirangam.jpg
View of Kaveri River and Srirangam Temple from Rock Fort Temple in Trichy city
File:Tirunelveli Town.JPG
Busy streets of Tirunelveli City
File:JJP 112.jpg
Skyline of Thrissur
View of the world famous Tirumala temple in Tirupati
File:Tumkur Countryside.jpg
Countryside viw of Tumkur
File:Sea front Tuticorin 1913.jpg
Sea front of Tuticorin port in 1913
File:Rajarajan Manimandapam.jpg
Rajarajan Manimandapam during night in Thanjavur city
File:View over Arunchaleshvara Temple from the Red Mountain - Tiruvannamalai - India 01.JPG
View of the majestic Arunchaleshvara Temple from the Red Mountain in Tiruvannamalai city
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Tadepalligudem Andhra Pradesh M 102,622
Tadpatri Andhra Pradesh M 86,843
Taki West Bengal M 37,305
Talaja Gujarat M 26,104
Talcher Orissa M 34,998
Talegaon Dabhade Maharashtra M.Cl 42,578
Thaalikote Karnataka T.M.C 26,205
Taliparamba Kerala M 67,507
Talode Maharashtra M.Cl 25,036
Talwara Punjab C.T 22,574
Tamluk West Bengal M 45,830
Tanda Uttar Pradesh M.B 83,467
Tanda Uttar Pradesh M.B 40,013
Tandur Andhra Pradesh M 57,941
Tanuku Andhra Pradesh UA 72,970
Tarakeswar West Bengal M 28,187
Tarana Madhya Pradesh N.P 21,453
Taranagar Rajasthan M 27,066
Taraori Haryana M.C 22,201
Tarikere Karnataka T.P 34,066
Tarn Taran Punjab M.Cl 55,787
Tasgaon Maharashtra M.Cl 33,457
Tehri Uttarakhand M.B 25,423
Tekkalakote Karnataka T.P 23,583
Tenali Andhra Pradesh M 153,756
Tenkasi Tamil Nadu M 63,432
Tenu Dam-cum- Kathhara Jharkhand C.T 20,441
Thergallu Karnataka T.P 23,616
Tetri Bazar Uttar Pradesh M.B 21,931
Tezpur Assam UA 105,377
Thakurdwara Uttar Pradesh M.B 35,371
Thammampatti Tamil Nadu T.P 20,751
Thana Bhawan Uttar Pradesh N.P 31,161
Thanesar Haryana UA 122,319
Thangadh Gujarat M 36,880
Thanjavur Tamil Nadu M 215,314
Tharad Gujarat M 22,815
Tharamangalam Tamil Nadu T.P 22,144
Tharangambadi Tamil Nadu T.P 20,843
Theni Allinagaram Tamil Nadu M 85,498
Thirumangalam Tamil Nadu M 43,631
Thirunindravur Tamil Nadu T.P 29,332
Thiruparappu Tamil Nadu T.P 21,736
Thirupuvanam Tamil Nadu T.P 21,589
Thiruthuraipoondi Tamil Nadu M 22,905
Thiruvalla Kerala M 56,837
Thiruvallur Tamil Nadu M 45,732
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala UA 889,635
Thiruvarur Tamil Nadu M 56,341
Thodupuzha Kerala M 46,246
Thoothukudi Tamil Nadu UA 243,415
Thoubal Manipur M.Cl 41,174
Thrissur Kerala UA 330,122
Thuraiyur Tamil Nadu M 31,005
Tikamgarh Madhya Pradesh M 68,426
Tilda Newra Chhattisgarh UA 26,909
Tilhar Uttar Pradesh M.B 52,911
Tindivanam Tamil Nadu M 67,737
Tinsukia Assam UA 108,123
Thipatooru Karnataka T.M.C 53,104
Tirora Maharashtra M.Cl 22,529
Tiruchendur Tamil Nadu UA 87,101
Tiruchengode Tamil Nadu M 80,187
Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu UA 866,354
Tirukalukundram Tamil Nadu T.P 23,715
Tirukkoyilur Tamil Nadu T.P 27,197
Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu UA 433,352
Tirupathur Tamil Nadu T.P 23,559
Tirupathur Tamil Nadu M 60,876
Tirupati Andhra Pradesh UA 303,521
Tiruppur Tamil Nadu UA 550,826
Tirur Kerala M 53,654
Tiruttani Tamil Nadu T.P 38,314
Tiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu M 130,567
Tiruvethipuram Tamil Nadu M 35,201
Tiruvuru Andhra Pradesh M 35,201
Tirwaganj Uttar Pradesh N.P 20,231
Titlagarh Orissa UA 30,273
Tittakudi Tamil Nadu T.P 20,735
Todabhim Rajasthan M 20,845
Todaraisingh Rajasthan M 21,217
Tohana Haryana M.C 51,519
Tonk Rajasthan M.Cl 135,689
Tuensang Nagaland T.C 29,772
Tuljapur Maharashtra M.Cl 31,706
Tulsipur Uttar Pradesh N.P 21,243
Thumakooru Karnataka C.M.C 248,929
Tumsar Maharashtra M.Cl 42,021
Tundla Uttar Pradesh UA 54,576
Tuni Andhra Pradesh M 50,368
Tura Meghalaya M 58,978


File:ISKCON ujjain Temple.jpg
ISKON Temple in Ujjain
File:Udaipur-City Palace.jpg
View of City Palace in Udaipur
Malpe Beach in Udupi
File:NMR up train at Kateri Road 05-02-28 04.jpeg
NMR train climbs in Udhagamandalam
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Uchgaon Maharashtra C.T 22,548
Udaipur Rajasthan M.Cl 389,438
Udaipur Tripura N.P 21,758
Udaipurwati Rajasthan M 27,843
Udgir Maharashtra M.Cl 91,933
Udhagamandalam Tamil Nadu M 93,987
Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir UA 86,299
Udumalaipettai Tamil Nadu M 59,668
Udupi Karnataka UA 127,124
Ujhani Madhya Pradesh M.B 51,051
Ujjain Madhya Pradesh UA 1986597 (2011)
Umarga Maharashtra M.Cl 30,178
Umaria Madhya Pradesh M 26,842
Umarkhed Maharashtra M.Cl 34,059
Umarkote Orissa N.A.C 24,859
Umbergaon Gujarat C.T 21,684
Umred Maharashtra M.Cl 49,577
Umreth Gujarat M 32,191
Una Gujarat M 51,261
Unjha Gujarat M 53,876
Unnamalaikadai Tamil Nadu T.P 20,666
Unnao Uttar Pradesh Sub-Metropolis 644,662
Upleta Gujarat M 55,438
Uran Maharashtra M.Cl 23,251
Uran Islampur Maharashtra M.Cl 58,330
Uravakonda Andhra Pradesh C.T 31,856
Urmar Tanda Punjab M.Cl 22,048
Usilampatti Tamil Nadu M 30,601
Uthamapalayam Tamil Nadu T.P 22,104
Uthiramerur Tamil Nadu T.P 23,656
Utraula Uttar Pradesh M.B 27,502


File:Baroda KM.jpg
Mahanagar Seva Sadan Building in Vadodara
Areal view of Beach in Visakhapatnam
File:Ahilya Ghat by the Ganges, Varanasi.jpg
View of Varanasi from Ganges
View of Vijayawada city
view of vellore fort in vellore city
File:CMCH Vellore.JPG
View of Main building of CMC hospital in vellore city
File:Technology Tower(VIT).jpg
Technology Tower Building of VIT University in Vellore City
File:Sripuram Temple Full View.jpg
Srimahalakshmi Golden Temple in vellore city
File:Viznm kota.jpg
Front view of the Vizianagaram Fort
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Vadakara Kerala UA 124,083
Vadakkuvalliyur Tamil Nadu T.P 24,023
Vadalur Tamil Nadu T.P 26,016
Vadgaon Kasba Maharashtra M.Cl 22,758
Vadipatti Tamil Nadu T.P 21,833
Vadnagar Gujarat M 25,033
Vadodara Gujarat UA 1,491,045
Vaijapur Maharashtra M.Cl 37,064
Vaikom Kerala M 22,641
Valparai Tamil Nadu T.P 95,107
Valsad Gujarat UA 145,592
Vandavasi Tamil Nadu M 29,610
Vaniyambadi Tamil Nadu UA 103,950
Vapi Gujarat I.N.A 23,844
Vapi Gujarat M 71,406
Varanasi Uttar Pradesh UA 1,203,961
Varkala Kerala M 40,728
Vasai Maharashtra UA 174,396
Vedaranyam Tamil Nadu T.P 31,627
Vellakoil Tamil Nadu T.P 34,438
Vellore Tamil Nadu UA 756,045
Venkatagiri Andhra Pradesh C.T 31,341
Veraval Gujarat UA 158,032
Vicarabad Andhra Pradesh N.P 42,410
Vidisha Madhya Pradesh M 125,453
Vijainagar Rajasthan M 27,695
Vijapur Gujarat UA 30,961
Vijayapura Karnataka T.M.C 29,540
Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh UA 1,039,518
Vikramasingapuram Tamil Nadu T.P 48,309
Viluppuram Tamil Nadu M 95,455
Vinukonda Andhra Pradesh C.T 52,519
Viramgam Gujarat M 53,094
Virar Maharashtra M.Cl 118,928
Virudhachalam Tamil Nadu M 60,164
Virudhunagar Tamil Nadu M 72,081
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh UA 1,345,938
Visnagar Gujarat UA 73,488
Viswanatham Tamil Nadu C.T 22,154
Vita Maharashtra M.Cl 41,804
Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh UA 195,801
Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh M.B 56,692
Vyara Gujarat M 36,226


File:Warangal fort.jpg
A pillar in Warangal Fort
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Wadgaon Road Maharashtra C.T 30,756
Wadhwan Gujarat UA 219,585
Wadi Karnataka UA 34,714
Wai Maharashtra M.Cl 31,110
Wanaparthy Andhra Pradesh N.P 50,114
Wani Maharashtra M.Cl 52,834
Wankaner Gujarat M 40,191
Wara Seoni Madhya Pradesh UA 24,757
Warangal Andhra Pradesh UA 579,216
Wardha Maharashtra M.Cl 111,118
Warhapur Uttar Pradesh N.P 20,866
Warisaliganj Bihar N.A 31,347
Warora Maharashtra M.Cl 41,971
Warud Maharashtra M.Cl 41,005
Washim Maharashtra M.Cl 62,956
Wokha Nagaland T.C 37,636


Administrative building of SVNGMC Yavatmal
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Yaadhagiri Karnataka T.M.C 58,811
Yamunanagar Haryana UA 306,740
Yanam Pondicherry M 31,394
Yavatmal Maharashtra UA 139,835
Yawal Maharashtra M.Cl 31,803
Yellandu Andhra Pradesh N.P 42,421
Yemmiganur Andhra Pradesh M 76,411
Yerraguntla Andhra Pradesh C.T 26,838
Yevla Maharashtra M.Cl 26,838


File:Zaidpur gate 2007.jpg
Noor Muhammad Inter College in Zaidpur
Name of City/Town Name of State Classification Population (2001)
Zahirabad Andhra Pradesh N.P 44,589
Zaidpur Uttar Pradesh N.P 30,639
Zamania Uttar Pradesh M.B 29,391
Zira Punjab UA 31,783
Zirakpur Punjab N.P 25,022
Zunheboto Nagaland T.C 23,081

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  3. Census of India - 2001. Census of India.

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