Mahanagar Telephone Nigam is one of the most prominent companies of India.

It is also one of the constituents of Nifty.


It is an Indian Government-owned telephone service provider in the cities of Mumbai, Thane, New Delhi, and Navi Mumbai in India.

The company was a monopoly until 2000, when the telecom sector was thrown open to other service providers.


Maha' = big or great, 'Nagar' = city or town, 'Mahanagar' = metropolis or megacity, 'Nigam' = venture or enterprise.


MTNL provides fixed line telephones and other latest services.

MTNL has been actively providing connections in both Mumbai and New Delhi areas and the efficiency of the company has drastically improved from the days when one had to wait years to get a phone connection. At present MTNL enjoy's the largest of the market share of ISP services in Mumbai and Delhi.

Joint Venture(s) of MTNL

United Telecom Limited (UTL)

Now it has collapsed due to illegal business in Nepal.

Recent happenings

In Feb.2008 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.(MTNL), Mumbai & Delhi's leading cellular service provider is on the track for rapid growth following completion of major network expansion and technology up-gradation activity carried out by the company.

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