National High School (NHS as it is adeptly and commonly called) is now a government-aided high school in Bangalore.


It is in the southern part of Bangalore, in a location called Basavanagudi.

History of The School

The school opened in the year 1917 A.D. as a public school system, for enriching the lives of people in and around south Bangalore with an education system considered prime for its age. To day it is about 100 years old.


During the period 1935-1938 there was a visit of The Great Gama(the world wrestler) and party. There was a group photograph taken at that time, with our Head Master(a lean chap)sitting by the side of Gama(with his hefty body).

This photograph may be available in the present school or with any other relatives. A request to forward is made with this article. Please contact through this article's discussion page, to inform about the availablity. my school (vinay gowda mandya)


Admission is open to everyone without regard to religion, caste or creed. This is an equal opportunity for all citizens.


(As of today)


Labs were well equipped.

  • -- Physics
  • -- Biology
  • -- Chemistry
  • -- Electronic lab
  • -- Computer Lab

Teachers in the present year 2012

  • Head Master-K.Narasiyappa
  • Social-Shankar Mahadev
  • Maths-D.V.Nagesh
  • Biology and Physical culture-N.S.Sandhya and S.K.Varadarajan
  • Sanskrit- Vidwan.Dr.Venkata rama bhattar and Vidwan.Dr.Sridhar hegde


Sports is given good encouragement along with academics. There is participation in state level tournaments.


Alumni Associations have been formed individually using either yahoogroups or orkut. (For joining an alumni please feel free to join the NHS group in orkut.)

Notable Alumni

(early days of school opening) Late Sadasiviaha (late husband of late MS.)

  • - Cricketer Anil Kumble
  • - Film Actor Ramesh Aravind
  • - Cricketer Chandrashekar
  • - Film Actor Vishnuvardhan
  • Asst Prof Karthik Y M
  • Asst Prof Arjun K R

Before 1940, in the princely State of Mysore, there were only few schools

The schools are:

    1. National High School, Basavanagudi,
    2. The Fort High School
    3. Acharya Patashaala
    4. The Home School
    5. The Medical School
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