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Neyyar Sanctuary is one of the Wildlife sanctuaries of India.


It is located in the Indian state of Keralain India.


Although it was declared as a sanctuary in 1958, not much was done about wildlife conservation, until 1985, when a separate wildlife wing was set up and as a result, conservation efforts have gathered momentum.


This is the drainage basin for the Neyyar River and its tributaries - Mullayar and Kallar. The towering peak of] at an elevation of 1868 meters is a very prominent landmark.

It is spread over the southeast corner of the Western Ghats, and covers a total area of Template:Km2 to mi2. It is located between 77º 8’ to 77º 17’ East Longitude and 8º 29’ to 8º 37’ North Latitude, central location Template:Coor dm.

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