A production house is where a development of a film and video project takes place. Broadly the process begins with the development of a concept for a specific project which is known as pre-production. Based on the concept, the directors and scriptwriters develop a draft of script eventually making a final script. The primary role of a production house is to resource all the necessaries to make the script in to a motion film or a video. Hunting for the apt location, finding the suitable actors or models, scheduling the shoot as per the location and availability of the crew, subject or models, arranging for a crew and other filming equipments, all under a specific budget.
Then on the project is in a production stage. In a production, filming takes place. Here it is made sure that every aspect necessary as per script is shot. This includes the right lighting, filming techniques etc. It is made sure that the filming is completed in a given period of time, otherwise the budget is affected.

Once production is completed, it is forwarded to post-production stage. Where in all the filmed materials and edited, altered and is given a final structure. In some cases, computer generated imagery are added to the film, for aesthetic or production limitation purposes. Also, music, sound and voice over or narration is added as per the need, completing it for viewing.

The production strategies and process changes according to the type of film, corporate films per se. Corporate films are made for business-to-business communication. In such cases, the concept, script and style is mostly finalized by the client, based on the needs and information the client wants to communicate.

In other cases like an induction video or a training video, the video is intended to communicate the company policies, and the business routine. Whereas training video could speak about a certain safety measures to be taken in an industrial atmosphere.

These business videos also has different mediums, like some corporate films are only for business partners or customers, while some are web based videos which showcases the business on the internet, used on their websites or shared on social sites.

With 7 years of edifying experience in production of films. Cinimage is preferred the best partners to several customers from varied industry segment for all their film and video productions. Be it corporate film production, testimonial video production, HR Videos, Promotion videos, training videos, product videos, name any, we assure you to give you the best service.

We have come across many challenging assignments and each of them being distinctive project by itself. We have taken up those challenges as endeavor and successfully accomplished them. We certainly take delight in having an amazing customer relationship all through.

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