Siemens AG is one of the most prominent companies of India, and it is also one of the constituents of Nifty.

In Europe also it is one of the largest engineering conglomerate. Siemens' international headquarters are located in Berlin and Munich, Germany. The company is a conglomerate of six major business divisions: Automation & Control, [ofone [Electric power|Power]], Transportation, Medical, Information & Communication, and Lighting. On November 28, 2007, Siemens reorganised its operations into three Sectors Industry, Energy and Healthcare with a total of 15 Divisions. Worldwide, Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 400,000 people in nearly 190 countries and reported global revenue of 72,448 million in fiscal year 2007. Siemens AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and also has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since March 12, 2001.

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