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Sikkim Manipal University-Distance Education: A Family of over 1.77 Lakh Students

SMU-DE guides students in their education path to a better career

Parent's day celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of July is a form of tribute to the most influential figures in every human being's life. Pillars of strength and support, they guide every child in the right direction till they can take it up on their own. A reflection of the most fundamental institution called family; parents are the sustainers of well-being. Taking cue from these iconic figures, Sikkim Manipal University-Distance Education (SMU-DE) has modeled itself as an institution that follows the virtues of family and parents. With a family of 1.77 lakh students, SMU-DE has been a constant pillar of support guiding students to a great career in their chosen field.

Offering a plethora of courses across 10 disciplines, SMU-DE over the years has created a benchmark for quality education that is practical and industry oriented. The disciplines include Allied Health Sciences, Information Technology, Mass Communication & Journalism, Biotechnology, Apparel & Fashion Designing, Hospitality, Telecom Technology, Commerce and Management. In addition, SMU-DE has recently launched new and advanced specializations in Banking & Finance, Total Quality Management, Operations Management and Project Management for its MBA program.

Aided by courses designed by industry experts and a faculty boasting of more than a decade of industry experience, SMU-DE offers students a degree that works in the real world. With a heavy emphasis on imparting practical skill sets, the university has gained the trust of many high profile firms such as IBM, Wipro, HCL, Aditya Birla, Dabur Pharma, Nokia-Siemens and many more.

As the world recovers post recession much has changed with respect to industry ethics. Hiring trained and skilled personnel is the topmost priority on every employers list. Moreover work experience is given added importance like never before. At SMU-DE we understand these needs and prepare skilled workforce who can go out and meet the demands of the industry.

Over the years our expertise and student's dedication has helped us build a strong alumni base which is our family and as every family we derive our strength from their success. SMU-DE believes it's a friend cum parent for all its students giving their careers the platform to success.

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