I am very happy to see Chirajeevi's move on Blood Bank! With the same token, Chiranjeevi can change the HealthCare system in India. For example, his voice can inspire his fans to keep themselves healthy. Fundamentally, people make the country rich rather than the government that is responsible to keep law and order for the progress. People should be responsible for their health and environment to safe-guard mother earth. Good eating habits, moderate exercise, etc will not only keep one's health but also produce good blood for the need as well as for the next generation. First of all, his fans should be free of smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. I think that celebrities can change the world by their movies that influence life style. Please make sure that smoking, alcohol, drugs, over-eating, etc are removed from the movies. This can done only by wonderful people like Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu, et al. -