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    A Place called Chennai

    October 11, 2011 by KartMaddy

    Madras Musings by Kart

    Madras as it was called in the past, A 375 years old city now know as Chennai to the world. Once was a fishing village and gateway to enchanting Tamilnadu, Now a bustling metro with a population close to 8 million people. Now rated as a second densely populated metro in India. Home to the second largest beach in the world (Known as marina beach) and an artificial harbor located right next to the beach.

    Even though being a metro Chennai is not known as a paradise for shoppers, But a paradise for foodies, Hosts many cuisines from the state as well as cuisines from around the world, you name a cuisine and Chennai probably has it. Another surprising fact about Chennai, Its boasts a large number of Chinese restaurants than …

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