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Magento Experts in New York - 3 Questions to Ask

Mobikasa October 29, 2014 User blog:Mobikasa

Looking to hire an expert in Magento to deliver e-commerce solutions for your business? There are lots of Magento Experts in New York, and finding a good one can be difficult without asking the right questions. Here are some vital ones to ask before hiring Magento experts in New York.

How much experience do you have?
Find out how much experience the expert has. If it is a team of Magneto Extension Developers, you likely have more experience and skill at your disposable. Do not forget to ask about the e-commerce websites they designed before. When you go through their previous works, look at the overall user experience and features rather than the appeal of the website, since what you consider a bad-looking website may have been perfect for the client.


What are the contract terms?
When you work with Magento experts in New York, you need to have a comprehensive contract that covers the following:
The fees and terms of payments; is it hourly or something else, and how much would you be paying for how long?

Additional fees: You have to be clear about what exactly is included in the fees and why. Do not leave anything for a surprise and be upfront about the costs, including those for hosting, additional features, SSL certificate and others.

Deadlines: The agreement should have clear dates for milestones and deadlines for when different elements of the project are to be completed. There should also be conditions for what happens in case of delays.

Your expectations: The contract should clearly cover what you expect from the project. Do not leave anything for granted.
Post-development services: What are the services that will be delivered after development and go-live of the e-commerce site? What are the fees for said services?

How will you be communicating?
A good Magento expert in New York like Mobikasa should establish a clear means of communication for the development of your e-commerce project. You have to be involved with every part of the project, since your input would be required at various stages.

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