Vikalp (Films for Freedom) is a network of documentary film-makers and others interested in this issue, from India. It defines itself as a "platform to defend freedom of expression and to resist censorship." Currently, India has a film certification (earlier called a censorship) board, the functioning of which has raises concerns specially among documentary film-makers. It has an associated website called Films For Freedom.

Films for Freedom

Films For Freedom, India calls itself an "action platform of over 300 Indian documentary filmmakers." This network was built as part of the Campaign Against Censorship that itself grew following attempts by the Mumbai International Film Festival to "impose censorship on Indian films."

Response to "censorship"

In February 2004, Mumbai played home to Vikalp: Films For Freedom, which was a six-day long festival of documentary films. It ran parallel to the Mumbai International Film Festival MIFF 2004, and was managed by film-makers itself. The festival screened all films rejected by the MIFF 2004, and over a dozen films withdrawn from the MIFF by film-makers to protest what they called "covert censorship-by-selection."

Archives of Indian independent film

Films For Freedom, India's website carries an archive of Indian independent films made after 2002. Members of this network are able to post new films, reviews, list potential venues for screenings and participate in the related discussion group. Viewers are also able to invite films for screenings in their localities.

Part of Campaign Against Censorship

Vikalp is a part of the Campaign Against Censorship in India. It says it "seeks to support the independent documentary movement in India and to promote alternative ways of seeing."

On Yahoogroups

On Yahoogroups, it's mailing list (see below) has restricted membership. It asks intending members of its mailing list to provide a reference from someone who knows the network, preferably an existing member.

Key names

Some of its key members include that Tata Institute of Social Sciences-based film-makers Anjali Monteiro and Jaysankar.

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